Nothing beats its sporty appeal

Honda Civic Type-R (2018-2022)

I am glad I chose the Honda Civic Type R instead of any other luxury sedan. My family wanted me to buy an Audi A4 in a premium car, but I was more inclined towards having a car that feels sporty and not just luxurious. Honda Civic allowed me to have that with its price in check. But this doesn’t mean that the Civic Type R is not comfortable or brash. Just the way it is powerful and feels very very sporty on the performance, it is comfortable too and the cabin has abundance of features for the occupants to be comfortable.


remoir Wednesday Jul 14, 2021 01:21:53

Rating of Honda Civic Type-R (2018-2022)

4.3 /5
Based on 14 Customer Reviews

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Based on 14 Customer Reviews

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