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Honda Civic Type-R (2018-2022)

Honda Civic Type-R is the best car for beginners who are sports enthusiasts. The turbo engine is lively and torquey. The in-line four turbo engine produces 306 horsepower engine and has a manual transmission. The manual gearshifts is what I thrive on for the open highway. The seats are a little crammed up, but that’s what you expect from sports car of this range. And lastly, I am a huge fan of its exhaust note. I can just hear a faint part of it, but I am sure that everyone around adores it.


Antonio Saturday Feb 19, 2022 04:09:18

Rating of Honda Civic Type-R (2018-2022)

4.3 /5
Based on 14 Customer Reviews

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Based on 14 Customer Reviews

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