Embrace this classic designed bike and enjoy the essence of riding henceforth

Bristol Classic 400i

Café racers are much in these days. Now you can easily bring back the flavor of 60s in this twenty first century with the purchase of Bristol classic-400i. Now traveling from one point to another will not be big deal when you can grab such an exclusive bike. On the contrary this retro styled bike will keep you intrigued with its age old charm and will erase the mundane task of just riding by bringing in extra spice to your life. The bike will not only spice up your life with its amazing style but is affordable too price wise.


Tristan Saturday Mar 27, 2021 10:05:51


Gerard Hunting-Tuazon on Monday Apr 19, 2021 13:28:47

I'm sorry, how is Price a negative? The SRP for this 400cc bike is P188k. I was just wondering.

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