One of the best off-road motorcycles for you to get into off-roading in the Filipino market

Honda CRF250 Rally

The CRF250 Rally is one of the best beginner-friendly motorcycles when it comes to off-roading. This motorcycles with its Dakar inspired styling is really a good place for you to start getting into off-road motorcycle riding. This model has a good engine even though it is not very powerful it gets the job done and the low power output actually helps beginners who are not used to riding motorcycles like this. The performance is pretty solid on this motorcycle and the looks are also standard, it comes at a good price as well making it a great buy for all people trying to get into or do more off-road motorcycle riding.


Gadiell Wednesday Nov 17, 2021 17:49:58

Rating of Honda CRF250 Rally

4.4 /5
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Based on 11 Customer Reviews
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