Splendid road presence and phenomenal power

Yamaha FZi

Despite its small stature, the Yamaha FZi has a lot of street presence. It never ceases to amaze the riders. The FZi features an aggressive appearance, a sporty posture, and is an excellent everyday bike that combines style and performance. The riding position is a little stooped, similar to that of sports motorcycles. However, this makes you appear more aggressive on the road. I've been riding it for the past three years and the mileage has been excellent. I like the minimalist appearance, so it was a selling point for me. It is equipped with the latest technological features that further enhance the ride quality. The purchasing experience was great. I would advise all the zealous riders to purchase this phenomenal ride.


Dranreb Wednesday Nov 3, 2021 13:57:23

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Based on 21 Customer Reviews
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