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Crossover SUVs in the Philippines

Honda CR-V

The crossover utility vehicle or simply “crossover” is a vehicle whose design is a combination of a passenger car (such as a hatchback or sedan) and a sports utility vehicle (SUV).

The seven-seater crossover-SUV, for example, is considered a subcategory of the SUV class. Crossovers typically use a unibody construction, which can be seen on most passenger vehicles. Most SUVs and those which are derived from the pick-up model use a body on-frame layout.

Mixed features of crossover SUVs

Some of the SUV-derived features of crossovers are: optional all wheel-drive, high-point seating, and high ground clearance. It also has some smaller car features such as car-like handling, excellent fuel economy and independent rear suspension.

Some crossovers which make use of the hatchback or station wagon frame use the third-row seats which can be converted into cargo space and are accessible through a fifth door or liftgate.

Origin of crossover concept

The concept of producing crossovers came from the demand for a versatile car that is larger than a normal car but smaller than a mid-size SUV, but with near off-road capability. In 1948, the Willys-Overland Jeepster, although a convertible coupe, paved the way for the modern design of the crossover.

In 1987, Chrysler bought American Motors Corporation (AMC) and developed this segment. The idea was to market a vehicle that was somewhere between a car and a pickup truck, two of the most active divisions in the auto industry in terms of production and sales.

Toyota RAV4

Popular models

The crossover category is a highly contested division in the Philippine car industry, with almost every brand producing their own models. Among the popular models available in the country are: the Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester, Toyota RAV4 and Kia Sportage.

Price range of crossovers

According to Carmudi PH’s listings, the price of a second hand Honda CR-V 1999 can go below P250,000. Meanwhile, a brand new entry-level Kia Sportage is priced at P1,203,000. On average, brand new crossovers are priced between P1 million to P1.5 million.