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₱ 500,000 Negotiable


Michelle Gutierrez
  • 939,999 Km

1998 Hino 6wheeler Alum. Van Engine 6HE1 Chassis FF177

₱ 550,000 Negotiable


Michelle Gutierrez
  • 43,800 Km

Hino 10wheeler Aluminum Van Engine EF750C Chassis FR63B

₱ 1,680,000 Negotiable

Quezon City

  • 160,000 Km

Hino EK100 """LOCAL unit !!!""" ***NOT Surplus ***NOT Reconditioned ***NOT Converted ***NOT Auctioned ***only 160,000 kms mileage, genuine, untampered with complete maintenance records ever...

₱ 2,350,000 Negotiable


Struan Rodriguez
  • 1 Km

This Green Hino Profia F17D V8 Twin Turbo 1990 is sure to sell quickly with a pricetag of ₱2350000. With a Manual transmission system and a mileage of 1km on the clock.

₱ 1,650,000 Negotiable

Subic Bay Freeport Zone

M. Waseem International Corporation
  • n/a

Hino has delivered quality for years and this one is no exception. This Hino Profia K13C Vingvan 2010 has traveled a total of 0000km and features a Manual transmission system as well as other g...

₱ 1,750,000 Negotiable

Subic Bay Freeport Zone

M. Waseem International Corporation
  • n/a

Hino supplies only the best quality vehicles and this is yet another example from their impressive fleet. This Hino 700 E13C 2010 comes with a Manual transmission system as well as other great f...

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Trucks and vans for sale in the Philippines

Commercial vehicles play an important role in the Philippines’ fast growing economy. The demand for commercial vehicles has increased due to the influx of foreign companies investing in the country.

One of the vital factors in boosting the growth of an economy is ensuring that people and products arrive at their destination on time. As such, commercial vehicles are themselves the primary drivers of an economy. They are used in multiple industries that are essential to the economy. The tourism industry, for example, uses coaches and buses to transport tourists to different local destinations. The agricultural industry uses tractors and other farming equipment to help cultivate land. Construction firms also use a myriad of heavy equipments such as mixers, cranes, forklifts and dump trucks. In 2013 some 120,000 units of this type of vehicle were sold in the local market.

Popular commercial vehicle brands

The Philippines has numerous commercial vehicle brands that are primarily dominated by Asian manufacturers such as the Japanese brands Mitsubishi Fuso, Komatsu and Hino and the Korean brands Kia and Hyundai. Another brand that has a significant hold on this vehicle segment is the German brand Mercedes-Benz, which also produces vans and some trucks and the locally owned Rusco, that rebadges imported single cab pickups.

Delivery vehicles in the light and heavy truck category are dominated by Mitsubishi, Isuzu and some brands from China like Foton. Construction projects, for example, employ the services of trucks such as the Isuzu Elf and the Foton Tornado. Travel agencies who transport tourists to different destinations throughout the country usually use Hyundai County units.

New and used vans and trucks in the Philippines

One of the most popular types of commercial vehicle in the country is the modified multi-cab, which is a Japanese small pickup truck that has been modified for business purposes. These small workhorses are often imported commercial vehicles or reassembled from models such as the Suzuki Scrum and the Mazda Bongo.

Public commuters are the group that are most exposed to the services of commercial vehicles. In the Philippines, there are many modes of public transport from taxis, jeepneys and vans-turned-cabs to metro railways, and buses. Types of mass transport vehicles, such as light vans and small buses, can be rented for family outings or company tours.

Projections by local automotive manufacturers’ state that the demand for public transport vehicles will significantly increase as more emerging businesses and foreign startups are establishing their companies in the country.

Another use of commercial vehicles is their ability to transport employees to their workplaces through company-provided shuttle services. Delivery vehicles with larger cargo space are used to move agricultural and manufactured products from suppliers to local dealers.

Larger types of commercial vehicles are used as public utilities such as dump trucks, garbage trucks and ambulances. Car rentals and limousines are also popularly used in weddings and chauffeur services. The country also has a small production of jeepneys, modified motorcycles used as public transportation.