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2019 Mazda 3s Are Being Recalled Due to Faulty Lug Nuts

Mazda is recalling 2019 Mazda 3s because the wheels have the potential to fall off while driving. The recall affects cars built both at Mazda’s Japan and Mexico manufacturing plants. Sources say that a total of 25,003 units of the model are being recalled.

Mazda explains the reason for the recall:

“A manufacturing process error may result in a gap between the wheel hub bolt and hub flange during assembly. This gap causes loosening of the lug nuts though they were initially tightened to the correct specification at the plant. A rattling noise occurs prior to a wheel detachment from the vehicle,” the Japanese carmaker said in a statement.

Despite the seriousness of the issue, Mazda reports that there have been no recorded case yet of a wheel flying off from a Mazda 3.

The Japanese car manufacturer has started notifying affected Mazda 3 owners, which is expected to be completed before August 6. Owners are requested to bring their car to their nearest dealer where the lug nuts will be tightened to spec free of charge.

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