Aprilia debuts SR GT 'urban adventure bike’ in EICMA 2021


This year’s Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA) event turned out to be a good one. Yamaha led a host of its best bikes, Vespa presented its RED scooter, and Aprilia debuted the SR GT, the Italian motorcycle brand’s first urban adventure scooter.


  • What features make the Aprilia SR GT a viable urban adventure scooter?

    The Aprilia SR GT is equipped with all-terrain tires, long-travel suspension, and a naked motorcycle-style handlebar.
  • What are the engine options for the SR GT?

    The SR GT can be had with either 125 or 200cc ultra-modern i-get engines.
  • Are there any accessories compatible with the SR GT?

    Yes, Aprilia said that it can be equipped with a 33-liter aluminum top box.
  • According to Aprilia, the SR GT is “designed to rediscover the fun in everyday city driving, but also over longer distances or on less-traveled roads and paths, thanks to contents inspired by the world of enduro. make the ideal companion in any situation.”


    Taking customers further than the city streets is a set of all-terrain tires, long-travel Showa suspension systems, a naked motorcycle-style handlebar, and a choice of either 125 or 200cc ultra-modern i-get engines.

    Aprilia also shares that the SR GT comes with a start-and-stop system and will be offered with complete equipment that includes full LED lights, LCD instruments, and the Aprilia Mia connectivity system (optional).


    The Aprilia SR GT will be built on a refined chassis that offers great agility and handling from city asphalt, to cobblestones, and gravel roads. It can hold nine liters of fuel that translates into a range of approximately 350 km.

    It also has a 25-liter under-saddle compartment that can hold a full-face helmet. Those needing more room for their necessities can get a spacious and resistant 33-liter aluminum top box.

    Aprilia says that the GT RS will be offered in three colors: Aprilia Black, Street Gray, and Infinity Blue. all of which come with gray footrests, sides and passenger handles as well as black rims and saddle.

    There’s also a Sport version which will have more aggressive and sporty graphics and will come in Street Gold, Iridium Gray, and Red Raceway. These will have red-painted wheels and a two-tone black and gray saddle, with red stitching.

    Pricing and availability are yet to be confirmed.

    Photos from Piaggio Group

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