WATCH: Check out the lighter, more powerful, and more sophisticated Tuono 660 Factory


In a recent press release, Aprilia has revealed a “lighter, more powerful, and more sophisticated” version of the Tuono 660 Factory — one of its flagship bikes. The Italian motorcycle manufacturer has uploaded a short clip showing the updated naked bike on their official YouTube channel. You can check it out here.


  • How did Aprilia reduce the weight of the Tuono 660?

    Aprilia used a a light lithium battery, reducing the motorbike's overall weight by 2 kg.
  • What performance features did Aprilia add to the Tuono 660?

    Aprilia added a fully adjustable Kayaba front fork and Sachs rear shocks.
  • What's the power output of the Tuono 660?

    The Aprilia Tuono 660 boasts 100 horsepower.
  • The Noale-based motorcycle company says that “the Factory versions of Aprilia sports bikes have always been flagship products, dedicated to the most demanding and skilled riders, who can appreciate the quality of the most sophisticated outfitting.”

    Its current form is the product of rich heritage, as the Tuono 660 descends directly from Tuono V4 Factory thus inheriting its key values, boasting considerable equipment and performance.

    The new Tuono 660 Factory adds an overall lighter weight to its repertoire of features as Aprilia has adopted the use of a light lithium battery that contributes to the reduction of the weight of the motorbike.


    This gives the new Tuono 660 Factory a better weight-to-power ratio by losing two kilograms off its original weight, bringing it down to 181kg.

    In addition, the new Tuono 660 Factory is now equipped with a Kayaba fork — with 41mm stanchions — that’s fully adjustable in its compression and rebound damping and spring pre-load. Similarly, its Sachs shock — with a separate reservoir — is also adjustable in its compression and rebound damping and spring pre-load.


    Availability and pricing of the new Tuono 660 Factory are yet to be announced.

    Photos from the Piaggio Group

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