Aston Martin celebrates 110th anniversary, to release special model

aston martin anniversary

Aston Martin turned 110 years old last weekend (January 15 ). To celebrate, the British automotive marque will release an exclusive special model that will be unveiled later this year.


  • What is the anniversary date of Aston Martin?

    Aston Martin celebrated its 100th anniversary on January 15, 2023.
  • What were the two cars that were featured on Aston Martin's photographs?

    The two cars featured on Aston Martin's photographs were the Razor Blade and the Valkyrie.
  • Further, the Gaydon-based brand released photographs of two of its most iconic automobiles. The record-breaking 1923 racer Razor Blade and the uncompromising Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar.

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    Per Aston Martin, the Razor Blade was one of the earliest cars to be specifically designed with aerodynamics in mind, and propelled by an Aston Martin Grand Prix specification engine.

    A century later, Aston Martin continues to innovate with its thrilling high-performance models, bringing modern Formula 1 engineering to the road through its era-defining Aston Martin Valkyrie.

    While the luxury carmaker did not provide any information about the aforementioned exclusive special model, some fans believe that Aston Martin could be drawing inspiration from the two vehicles that best resemble 110 years of automotive innovation.

    “In 1913 Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford came together with a shared vision of racing cars and using learnings from the racetrack to push the boundaries of automotive innovation. 110 years and little over 110,000 cars later, that spirit continues. Our 110th year promises to be just as exciting as our first, as we turn a new chapter in Aston Martin history with the launch of our next generation of sports cars and the reveal of an extraordinary special model later this year that will celebrate this unique milestone,” said Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer Amedeo Felisa.

    Photos from Aston Martin

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