Bentley to showcase 10 heritage models at 79th Goodwood Members Meeting


In a recent press release, Bentley confirmed that it will be the 79th Goodwood Members Meeting’s Official Automotive Partner. The Goodwood Members’ Meeting is a celebration of motor racing and aims to recreate the atmosphere and camaraderie of the original BARC Members’ Meetings held at Goodwood throughout the 1950s and 1960s.


  • How many cars will Bentley showcase in the 79th Goodwood Members Meeting?

    Bentley will display 10 vehicles, six of which are additions to the Bentley Heritage Collection.
  • How many cars are now in the Bentley Heritage Collection?

    Counting the six new vehicles, Bentley's Heritage Collection is a now a 35-car fleet.
  • As part of Bentley’s role in supporting the automotive gathering, the British luxury carmaker will display 10 heritage models including six new additions to the marque’s famous Heritage Collection.


    The six models are the 1929 Speed Six, 1949 Mark VI, 1963 S3 Standard Saloon, 1984 Continental, 1991 Turbo R, and the 2001 Arnage Red Label.

    The abovementioned vehicles expand Bentley’s Heritage Collection to 35 cars in total. Furthermore, the new additions mean that the heritage fleet now includes cars from every decade and examples of every significant model. Across production in Cricklewood, Derby, and Crewe, the 35-strong fleet now perfectly articulates the brand’s history.

    “Bentley is undergoing the biggest and fastest transformation in its 102-year history, as part of the Beyond100 strategy. As the brand defines its new direction, it’s vital to be able to chart our journey to date and where the Bentley of today came from. The expanding Heritage Collection will play a key part in that process, providing driveable examples of every chapter of the company’s long history. We’re really looking forward to sharing the new cars with colleagues, customers, visitors, and the media over the coming months,” said Bentley Heritage Collection Head Mike Sayer.

    Bentley will be based in the Aerodrome for the Members’ Meeting, and all media guests of the event are welcome to visit for refreshments and to see or drive the Heritage Collection cars.

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