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    Best Cars by Body Type

    The Philippine automotive market has never been better. With sales figures improving with each passing year, it’s certainly safe to say that we are enjoying unprecedented growth. Thanks to the booming industry, car buyers have plenty of choices now more than ever. Naturally, those interested in buying a car will have a particular body type or two in mind. So if you want to know what the best car is in the segment you favor, Carmudi makes the research part of the equation easier for you.

    Best Sedan - Honda Civic

    Honda Civic

    The Civic is the CAGI’s (Car Awards Group Inc.) choice for 2016 Car of the Year, and deservedly so. Though the vehicle isn’t particularly sporty as most cars in its segment are, the fun-to-drive factor is simply stellar. While the Civic won’t win you over with speed, it possesses what the model has always been known for--a good driving experience.

    Best Hatchback - Ford Focus

    Ford Focus

    Not so long ago, many car reviewers left and right have been pointing out the Ford Focus was aging in a not-so gracious manner. Fortunately, Ford listened, and the result is one of the best family hatches you can buy for the money. Though the update to the exterior is minimal, there’s plenty of new tech inside. Smart, great to drive, and with creature comforts aplenty, the new Focus regains much of the mojo it lost over the last few years.

    Best Coupe - Kia Forte Koup

    Kia Forte Koup

    The Kia Forte Koup strikes the right balance between sportiness, a good ride, state-of-the-art features, and the affordability that most new car buyers want to see. Want a sports car in an economical package? As the Korean brand’s original sporty offering, the Koup is a great value in its class. Although the body is quite distinct, the Forte Koup further distinguishes itself from the other vehicles in its price range with a sport-tuned suspension and turbocharged engine.

    Best MPV - Toyota Innova

    Toyota Innova

    A perennial bestseller in its category, the Toyota Innova has practically solidified its place as the MPV of choice in the hearts and minds of millions of Filipinos. The Innova is equally adept at ferrying both people and cargo, which makes it the perfect choice for car owners who want the best of both worlds.

    Best SUV - Mitsubishi Montero Sport

    For most Filipino families, SUVs are a necessity. Aside from having enough space to fit the entire extended family, they provide the high clearance to navigate flooded streets with ease. The Mitsubishi Montero Sport does all this and more. The ‘Sport’ in the name isn’t just for show, as this Mitsubishi SUV adds some driving refinement and dynamics that very few SUVs are known for, especially at this price range.

    Best Pickup - Nissan NP300 Navara

    Nissan NP300 Navara

    If you’re searching for a double-cab 4x4 pickup that has it all, then look no further than the Nissan Navara. Ultra-responsive steering and a low-ratio gearbox ensures a superb driving experience both on the road and off. Even at high speeds, the Nissan pickup offers steady and composed control. With a barrage of amenities, the Navara pushes the boundaries closer to a luxury pickup, thanks to the driving experience unmatched by anything else in its segment.

    Best Van - Hyundai Starex

    Hyundai Starex

    Spaciousness is the reason people buy vans, and the Starex wins in its segment because of the additional perks it throws into the mix. Aside from the flexible interior thanks to sliding seats, the van also offers car-like driving fun. The Starex name has been around for some time now, and it’s easy to see why. Light and agile for its size, there’s also class-leading fuel economy to speak of. Couple that with impressive driving dynamics and you’ve got yourself a winning van.

    Best Crossover - Subaru XV

    Subaru XV

    The Subaru XV has been a big hit in the local market, selling even more units than the Impreza compact sedan it shares its platform with. Perhaps it's because the hatchback rear offers more cargo-carrying flexibility, or its 220 mm ground clearance gives its occupants the confidence to go off the beaten path or even cross floods that would deter most cars.

    Best Compact Car - Suzuki Swift

    Sure, its rivals may have more refined cabins, but for what it’s good at, the Swift is all spades. With impressive fuel economy, solid build quality, deft, handling, and bargain appeal, you really can’t go wrong with the Suzuki Swift, given the price.

    Best Convertible - Mazda MX-5

    2016 Mazda MX-5

    When Mazda released the MX-5 roadster back in 1989, it singlehandedly made motoring fun again. Twenty-eight years later and now on its fourth generation, the basic package remains intact, and that means no turbos, no double-clutch gearbox, no trendy engine tech, not even an electric roof. The MX-5 is as it’s always been, just a better version of its former self.

    Best Light Commercial Vehicle - Isuzu Crosswind

    Isuzu Crosswind

    Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) love the Crosswind. The vehicle is not only family friendly, but also a reliable cargo carrier.This dual benefit is pretty enticing for those who plan to build their own business after years of wrestling the workforce abroad. The fact that the Crosswind runs on cheaper diesel doesn’t hurt, either.


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