Ford PH shares tips to ensure safe and worry-free drives

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Mobility is slowly going back to its pre-pandemic levels, as more areas in the country have shifted to Alert Level 1 due to declining COVID-19 cases.


  • What are some of the things motorists can do to ensure the vehicle performs well?

    Motorists must conduct regular vehicle checks, have their cars serviced by highly trained professionals, and use only manufacturer-specified parts.
  • What is Ford Philippines offering to owners of the 2015-2021 Ford Ranger and Everest?

    It is the Motorcraft Micronair Protect cabin filter that inactivates most viruses and bacteria.
  • However, with the limited travel that everyone had in the recent past, the car needs to be checked for possible issues that need to be addressed.

    So before heading on that road trip or the usual normal city drive, vehicle owners need to ensure that their vehicles are in tip-top condition to avoid any on-road inconveniences and long-term damage.

    Ford battery

    Here are some Ford Philippines tips on how to make sure that vehicles are ready to be driven again.

    • Prepare the car

    Conduct basic checks by making sure that the coolant, oil, and wiper fluids are at optimum levels. Ensure that the wipers are still working and that tires are at the recommended pressure.

    • Have the vehicle checked

    To make sure that the vehicle delivers the desired performance, Ford Philippines encourages customers to follow the Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) schedule

    At Ford dealerships, customers are given a Vehicle Report Card (VRC) after getting serviced to inform them about the condition of their vehicles.Leave vehicle service to the experts

    While it pays being thrifty, car owners should not entrust their cars to unauthorized service centers.

    Ford Philippines shared that though it may provide a quick fix at lower cost, the chance of long-term damage and vehicle malfunctions increases.

    “Instead, only have your vehicle serviced by authorized dealers and professionals who possess the right qualifications for the job. Ford technicians are the only people who best understand your Ford and how to service it, while following all standard inspection procedures,” Ford Philippines urged.

    “During every service visit to the Ford authorized dealer, you can expect quality of service and use of genuine Ford parts,” the company added.

    • Replace parts as needed

    Maximize the service visits by getting wear and tear parts checked and replaced, if needed. 

    To lessen trips at dealerships, Ford offers all-in battery package and cabin air filter offerings. The all-in battery package is available to customers with a Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Ford EcoSport, Ford Ranger or Ford Everest, and already includes parts and labor costs at a promotional price that starts at P6,300. Parts of select Ford vehicles covered by the promotion automatically get a 24-month warranty.

    Ford Micronair Protect

    Meanwhile, owners of Ford Ranger and Everest models between 2015-2021 can avail of the Motorcraft Micronair Protect cabin filter, which is said to be effective against nearly 100 percent of allergens, small micro-organisms like bacteria and fungal spores, and has the capability to inactivate viruses such as Swine Flu (H1N1) and HCov-229E that come into contact with the special active layer.

    “Taking the time to care for your vehicle goes a long way in ensuring a worry-free ownership experience, especially with the return of mobility in the new normal. Our service offerings are designed to keep our customers safe as they go back on the road,” Ford Customer Service Division Director Patrick Manigbas said.

    “One of our advocacies at Ford is road safety, so we encourage our customers to visit a Ford dealership to have their vehicles checked to ensure their optimal performance.”

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