Stay safe this holiday season with these driving tips from Ford PH


With the holiday season just days from us, many are eager to get back on the road for that long-due family reunion and friendly get-togethers. And because most of us have been cooped up at home for the last two years, it is important to take time to check our vehicles before we take them back to the busy streets.


  • What are the five safety driving tips from Ford?

    Ford advises to check your windscreen wipers, tires, headlights; remembering to slow down; and taking extra caution when overtaking.
  • What other things can motorists do to stay safe on the road?

    Ford urges to follow a vehicle's periodic maintenance service (PMS) schedule.
  • What is the Ford VRC?

    Ford VRC or Vehicle Report Card is a comprehensive health-check summary of your vehicle’s key wear and tear parts and systems.
  • Check out these safety driving tips from Ford before you head out on your next ride.

    1. Check windscreen wipers

    Anyone who has sat behind the wheel knows that dust, dirt, or rain can drastically reduce one’s visibility while driving. So, make sure you get into the habit of regularly checking your vehicle’s windscreen wipers. If you find them to be brittle or cracked, have them replaced immediately.

    Many Ford vehicles have rain-sensing windscreen wipers which can automatically switch the wiper action from intermittent for light rain to fast for heavy downpours.

    2. Check your tires

    Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that comes into contact with the road. That said, making sure they’re inflated to the correct pressure and have enough tread is vital. Select Ford vehicles are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), which displays a warning light that indicates significant under-inflation in any of the tires. When the low tire pressure indicator lights up, be sure to stop and check on your tires as soon as possible and inflate them to Ford’s recommended tire pressure.

    3. Check your headlights

    You don’t want to drive at night with a busted headlight. Not only will it get you apprehended for violating the law but it can also get you into a serious accident. That said, make sure to check your headlights before leaving your home. And when you’re on the road, make sure to switch them on when you notice a decrease in outdoor lighting or at the first sign of wet weather.

    Many Ford vehicles feature dusk-sensing automatic headlights that will switch on as the light begins to fade.

    4. Remember to slow down

    Granted we’ve all had too much time playing "Gran Turismo" on our PlayStations during the lockdown, it’s no excuse to turn the streets into a race track. When on a busy schedule or when roads are wet and slippery, it’s vital that you slow down and give yourself more room on the road for braking.

    Some Ford vehicles are fitted with autonomous emergency braking which is like having an extra set of eyes watching the road — able to apply the brakes if the system detects the driver has failed to respond.

    5. Be careful when overtaking

    Overtaking on high speeds or wet roads requires extra caution, and it becomes even more dangerous when you’re around larger vehicles like trucks or buses. These vehicles also have a much larger spray zone and could splash water onto your windscreen as you pass them, temporarily obscuring your vision. The same can apply to incoming traffic; larger vehicles that hit a patch of standing water on the other side of the road can splash it onto your windscreen.

    On top of these safety driving tips, Ford encourages all Ford owners to follow their periodic maintenance service (PMS) schedule. In addition, each time you leave your Ford vehicle at a dealership, you will receive your Vehicle Report Card (VRC) which shows a comprehensive health check summary of your vehicle’s key wear and tear parts and systems.

    The local arm of the Blue Oval is also offering an all-in battery package and a new cabin filter on select Ford vehicles to better equip owners for their upcoming trips this holiday season.

    According to Ford Philippines, their all-in battery package is available for the Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Ford EcoSport, Ford Ranger, and Ford Everest. Meanwhile, the Motorcraft micronAir proTect Cabin Filter is available for the Ford Ranger and select Ford Everest models.

    “Road safety remains a primary advocacy for Ford. Our service offerings are designed to keep drivers and their passengers safe as they go back on the road, most especially during the Christmas holiday season. We would also like to remind all our customers to visit a Ford dealership to have their vehicles checked to ensure their optimal performance,” said Ford Customer Service Division Director, Jen Comia-Hernandez.

    Photo from Ford

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