BMW Motorrad Italy unveils custom R 18 Aurora and R 18 M at 2022 Verona MBE


The Italian arm of BMW Motorrad revealed two custom bikes, the R 18 and the R 18 M, at the 2022 Verona Motor Bike Expo (MBE). BMW Motorrad Italy and its dealer network collaborated with several motorcycle customization professionals to complete these two-wheeled masterpieces.


  • What custom motorcycles were revealed by BMW Motorrad?

    BMW Motorrad revealed the R 18 Aurora and the R 18 M at the 2022 Verona Motor Bike Expo.
  • Who did BMW Motorrad team up with for the BMW R 18 Aurora?

    BMW Motorrad teamed up with Garage 221 to complete the custom BMW R 18 Aurora.
  • Who did BMW Motorrad work with for the BMW R M Aurora?

    BMW Motorrad worked with "LowRide" and American Dream for the custom BMW R 18 M.
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    The BMW R 18 Aurora, created by Garage 221, used elements from other BMW Motorrad models. The saddle was borrowed from a 2005 BMW 1200 C, the Batwing supports were made using the supports for indicators of a 1982 BMW R 100 and a part of the rear frame of a 1991 BMW K 75. The paint of the body came from the code of a 1983 BMW RT 100.

    Meanwhile, the front and rear fender supports, saddle supports, and license plate holder arms of the custom BMW R 18 Aurora are entirely handmade. The R 18 Aurora's oil cooler grille gives a classy natural touch, inspired by the grille of BMW's cars from the 1960s.

    BMW Motorrad Roma teamed up with Leo Vince for the BMW R 18 Aurora’s exhaust pipes.


    “It was a lot of hard work, but the result is truly stunning. The textured paintwork of the cylinder head covers, the injection housings, the central crankcase, and our oil cooler grille make everything look homogeneous, creating a unique effect with the cylinder block and the bevel gear,” said Garage 221’s Pier Francesco Marchio.

    On the other hand, the BMW R 18 M was a project developed by LowRide and was created by American Dreams.


    LowRide, an Italian magazine, has taken in Oberdan Bezzi to help design the custom cruiser while American Dream handled the assembly and coordinated the work. Elaboratorio, specializing in prototyping and modeling, created the tail, the tip, and the fiberglass windshield from scratch. The head covers, intake ducts, and other carbon fiber details were handled by Carbon Italy. The short exhaust pipe was made by ER Exhaust Revolution while the leather saddle was commissioned by L.R. Leather. Paintwork was entrusted to Dox Art Factory whereas the mirrors, grips, and universal indicators for the accessories were delivered by Rizoma.


    “Stability, long wheelbase, and readiness of the 1800 cc big boxer instigate lightning starts and deserve, in our opinion, a sporty and retro look. In the R 18 M design, we find suggestions from BMW Motorrad tradition and cues from the four-wheelers: M stands for Motorsport,” said LowRide Director Giuseppe Roncen.

    Photos from BMW Group

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