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BMW Teases with Upcoming BMW i8 Roadster

With its wedge-shaped profile, flowing lines, and dihedral doors, the BMW i8 “super hybrid car” is one of the sleekest model in the German carmaker’s lineup. Well, it will also be one of the coolest come 2018 when the BMW i8 roadster officially makes its debut.

BMW i8 Roadster

In a video released by BMW recently, the brand showed a bunch of i8 roadsters being driven around different roads and tracks, with one of them looking like the scenic and roadtrip-worthy Stelvio Pass in Italy and another the Circuito Ascari private race track in Spain.

While BMW has yet to give any specifics about the i8 roadster, it did reveal that the car’s “preliminary” fuel consumption is at 50 km/L while electricity consumption is at 6.49 km/kWh.

Of course, being a roadster, it goes without saying that the topless i8 will have conventional-opening doors, which is a shame since the dihedral doors is one of the things that made the super hybrid car very attractive in the first place. But like The Rolling Stones said, you can’t always get what you want.

Check out the video of the BMW i8 roadster below.

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