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BMW Cars for Sale in Philippines

May 28, 2024 - Currently, 78 BMW Cars for Sale in Philippines. Carmudi is your ultimate destination to find all new Cars (31) information, including Car specs, features, prices and images that will help you choose. Find great deals on good condition 47 second hand Cars for sale in the Philippines with price, features, images and specifications. Check out the largest stock of used Cars all over the Philippines, starting at ₱265,000 only.

78 BMW Cars available for sale in the Philippines, the cheapest BMW car is available for ... Read More

78 BMW Cars available for sale in the Philippines, the cheapest BMW car is available for ₱265,000 and the most expensive one for ₱15.89 Million. Get great deals and promos on BMW cars for sale in Philippines, view detailed price list (DP & Monthly Installment), reviews, fuel consumption, images, specifications, BMW car models variant details & more. Select your favorite drive out of available 78 BMW cars and make your dream come true of buying your own car.

BMW Cars for Sale Philippines

Mainly associated with luxury, BMW is a brand that has marked its presence for quite a long time in the Philippines market. Followed by a dedicated user base, the automaker offers a wide fleet of offerings that comprises a number of luxurious, elegant cars.

If you think you want to own a BMW we at Carmudi are here to help you with a list of new and used BMWs. We also offer a compiled list of details, advantages, and disadvantages of the car which will help you to make the best decision. Click and read on from the link below.

BMW is one of the leading automakers of the automobile industry that brings a variety of cars to the Philippines market. Starting from a daily commuter to a hatchback, coupe, or SUV, the brand has got you covered. Their lineup includes the BMW X7, BMW X3, BMW X5, BMW X4, BMW X1, BMW 3 Series Sedan, 5 Series Sedan, 7 Series Sedan, 6 Series Gran Turismo, BMW 1 Series (Five Door), BMW Z4, BMW 4 Series Coupe, BMW 8 Series, BMW M2 Coupe Competition, and BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe.

BMW has an impressive lineup of 5 SUVs, 4 Sedans, 1 Hatchback, 1 Convertible, and 4 Coupe in the current Philippines market.

BMW SUV for Sale

BMW SUVs give off the ultra-premium, luxurious yet slightly rugged look which has earned it its huge fan base. The advantages and disadvantages of the BMW SUVs are given below which will help you to assess if this vehicle is the one for you.

BMW’s impressive lineup for its SUV segment has the BMW X7, BMW X3, BMW X5, BMW X4, and BMW X1.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BMW SUV Cars Philippines

The BMW SUV Advantages

  • The BMW SUVs come packed with smart features which enhance its superior riding experience.
  • The ride quality is extremely comfortable with a luxurious interior and the driving quality is a dream come true.

The BMW SUV Disadvantages

  • The design could have been a little more sophisticated than its predecessors.
  • There is only one engine on offer.

Used and New BMW SUV Models at Carmudi

BMW Sedan for Sale

Everyone is a fan of the luxurious, elegant, and classy BMW sedan. The sedans engineered by the automaker are robust in the offering, paired with some of the best driver assistance technologies in the field. Besides its plethora of driver assistance and performance, the sedans by BMW are spacious and comfortable.

The automaker has an impressive lineup in the sedan section with BMW 3 Series Sedan, 5 Series Sedan, 7 Series Sedan, and 6 Series Gran Turismo.

However, even the BMW Sedan has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are given below to help you decide if it is the car for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BMW Sedan Cars Philippines

The BMW Sedan Advantages

  • The best part about the BMW Sedan without a doubt is its elegant classy design. The wide spacious car turns heads on the road and comes with an equally spacious and luxurious interior.
  • The engine is also incredibly powerful and gives a very satisfying performance, enhancing the overall comfortable ride quality.

The BMW Sedan Disadvantages

  • The sedans come with a hefty price tag and an equally expensive maintenance cost. If price is not a major factor to you then this is the car for you.
  • There is no smart access card entry which can be a security risk.

New and Used BMw Sedan Models at Carmudi

The BMW Hatchback has the reputation of a powerful, luxurious car that gives an intense performance. The USP of its hatchbacks’ revolves around much sleeker, re-defined rooflines that sweep gently to the rear.

In the Philippines, BMW 1 Series (Five Door) is the only lineup for its hatchback segment.

Given below are its advantages and disadvantages to aid your decision of investing in the hatchback.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BMW Hatchbacks Cars Philippines

The BMW Hatchback Advantages

  • The hatchback has a premium elegant and sporty sleek design with an equally spacious interior.
  • The intense and powerful engine is a worthy mention which levels up the overall appeal of the car.

The BMW Hatchback Disadvantages

  • Being a top-notch car, the hatchback comes with a steep price tag.
  • The servicing, occasional tuning, and overall maintenance of the car will also cost a fortune.

New and Used BMW Hatchback Models at Carmudi

BMW Convertible for Sale

The BMW Convertible is one of the best-looking cars by the company and has a reputation for stellar performance. The convertibles by BMW are a combination of style and performance as the automaker keeps up with a strong style statement with an equally matched horsepower.

BMW has the BMW Z4 as the lineup for the convertible segment.

If you are considering the convertible for yourself, then go through the pros and cons before investing in the car.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BMW Convertible Cars Philippines

The BMW Convertible Advantages

  • The convertible is famous for its sleek sporty design with guarantees to turn heads wherever it goes.
  • The driving dynamics are agile and give an impressive, memorable driving experience.

The BMW Convertible Disadvantages

  • The ride quality is a little stiff.
  • The price of the convertible is a little on the higher side.

BMW Coupe for Sale

BMW Coupes are known for their superb functionality and smart good looking design. The coupes designed by BMW are a piece of modern art that is paired with strong styling on the outside. Inside, the cars in the segment are equally matched by superior comfort and the latest ride-assistance tech.

BMW has an impressive lineup of the BMW 4 Series Coupe, BMW 8 Series, BMW M2 Coupe Competition, and BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe in this segment.

However, coupes do have their advantages and disadvantages. They are given below for your assessment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BMW Coupe Cars Philippines

BMW Coupe Advantages

  • BMW has made sure their coupe looks superb in the streets with its smart exterior design.
  • The premium handling of the car along with its smooth functionality makes it one of the best cars in the coupe segment.

BMW Coupe Disadvantages

  • Although the front seats are luxurious and comfortable, the rear seats are too cramped.
  • The interior design could have been a little more sophisticated.

BMW Philippines Cars Price List 2024

BMW Cars for Sale in Philippines Price List start at ₱265,000 for the inexpensive model BMW 318i for Sale and goes up to ₱15.89 Million for the most expensive Car model BMW XM.

Model Price List
BMW M2 Coupe ₱5.99 - 8.89 Million
BMW X3 ₱3.89 - 4.29 Million
BMW X5 ₱5.99 - 8.89 Million
BMW X7 ₱9.89 Million
BMW iX ₱6.29 Million
BMW iX3 ₱4.59 Million
BMW i7 ₱10.39 Million
BMW Z4 ₱3.99 - 5.89 Million
BMW 2 Series Coupe ₱3.59 - 4.89 Million
BMW 4 Series Coupe ₱4.19 - 4.79 Million
BMW 5 Series Sedan ₱4.49 Million
BMW XM ₱15.89 Million

Second Hand BMW Cars Price List

Used Cars in Philippines Starts at ₱265,000 for model BMW 318i for Sale and goes upto ₱480,000 for model BMW 1 Series (Five Door) for Sale.

BMW Model Price List
BMW 1 Series (Five Door) for Sale Starts @ ₱400,000 *
BMW X3 for Sale Starts @ ₱1.2 Million*
BMW X4 for Sale Starts @ ₱2.4 Million*
BMW X5 for Sale Starts @ ₱520,000 *
BMW 318i for Sale Starts @ ₱265,000 *
BMW 523i for Sale Starts @ ₱350,000 *
BMW 525i for Sale Starts @ ₱688,000 *
BMW M3 for Sale Starts @ ₱1.395 Million*
BMW 530d Gran Tursimo for Sale Starts @ ₱720,000 *
BMW 3 Series for Sale Starts @ ₱1.8 Million*
BMW Z4 for Sale Starts @ ₱2.458 Million*
BMW 5 Series Sedan for Sale Starts @ ₱775,000 *

BMW Dealers

There are 14 authorized BMW cars dealers across 8 cities in the Philippines.

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