Broadleaf, METI, and JETRO to run ADX project with e-trikes using cashless payment system


Broadleaf Co., Ltd., a Japanese software company focused on the automotive aftermarket industry, has announced that their proposal called, “Pilot Project for Smart Mobility Platform in the Philippines,” has been selected by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) for the Asia Digital Transformation (ADX) Projects.


  • How will Broadleaf's pilot project benefit Filipino commuters?

    Broadleaf's MaaS aims to make commuting more convenient, mitigate the mobility gap, and reduce the environmental impact of transportation in the Philippines.
  • What vehicle will be used in the pilot project?

    Broadleaf will use electric tricycles.
  • Can it be used on other vehicles should the project prove to be successful?

    Yes, Broadleaf says that it can be used on two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles.
  • The ADX projects aim to help and contribute to solving the socio-economic challenges in ASEAN member states by using digital technologies.

    Broadleaf plans to use a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) platform in the Philippines designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion by increasing the implementation of electric tricycles.


    Details about the actual e-trikes are not specified but Broadleaf says that they will be equipped with an electronic payment system for cashless transportation fare payments and boarding reservations.

    In addition, the electric tricycles will be integrated into an operational management system which allows visualization of vehicle locations and managing vehicle dispatch schedules.

    According to Broadleaf, the cloud-based MaaS platform is not only applicable to electric tricycles but cal also be used on a wide variety of mobility services, including those using four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles.

    Broadleaf believes that the platform will help to establish a new regional model for transportation.

    To accomplish the localized plan for the cloud-based MaaS platform, Broadleaf partnered with Angat Pilipinas Transport Cooperative (APTC), a transportation business cooperative operated by the National Council for Solo Parents (NCSP).

    Through its collaboration with APTC, Broadleaf will contribute to solving various social issues that the Philippines is facing, such as creating employment for single-parent households, while also contributing to the achievement of SDGs.

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