Build it like they used to: the Jaguar C-type Continuation

Jaguar C-type Continuation

Jaguar Classic will create the limited-edition C-type Continuation, replicas of the Jaguar C-type race cars that won the Le Mans 24 Hours 70 years ago. 

The C-type Continuation will be hand-built at Jaguar Classic Works in Coventry to the specification of the classic two-seater race car, whose aerodynamic shape was penned by Malcolm Sayer. 

That shape helped the old C-type secure its Le Mans victory in 1951, as did Sayer's aerodynamic and engineering knowledge. Updates to the car's engine, brakes, and chassis also helped the car in bagging another win in 1953

Given the car's history, Jaguar had dug through Sayer’s notes and the C-type's blueprints for two years, before it can even start to build a replica. Engineers found 2,000 parts in the blueprints, so they thanked former Jaguar engineer Norman Dewis for lending a hand in putting everything together. 

Jaguar C-type Continuation

Along with an example of a C-type, Jaguar Classic then used 3D CAD (computer aided design) to create a model using the original information. It was the first time the Classic team made a whole vehicle this way. And so the C-type Continuation production finally went underway

First examples of this car will be built ahead of a racing-inspired event for their owners in 2022, each of them made with the 1953 car's specs: the 220hp 3.4-liter straight-six engine with triple Weber 40DCO3 carburetors, and the disc brakes that contributed to the triumph at the 1953 Le Mans.  

Each C-type Continuation's 3.4-liter straight-six engine will take nine months to construct. The Weber carburetors and other details in the engine bay, such as the Plessey hydraulic pump on the gearbox that pumps hydraulic fluid into the brakes, exact to that of the original. 

Jaguar C-type Continuation

The throwback continues to the cockpit. Lucas rear-view mirrors have also been sourced as part that treasure hunt for authentic parts. At the start of the process, just one was available, but Jaguar Classic sourced enough originals to ensure every C-type Continuation car features the Lucas mirror

The three-quarter Brooklands race screen and Smiths clocks and gauges are likewise faithful to the originals. On the other hand, the surrounding switches are examples of the authenticity and originality made by Jaguar Classic, Jaguar said. 

What's also authentic is the ignition switch, which replicates the original’s start-up procedure, but now uses high-quality components to ensure one-click starts. The central tachometer, with a needle that moves counter-clockwise, is another reproduction. 

Jaguar C-type Continuation

All C-type Continuations are FIA-approved, with eligibility in participating historic race championships such as the Jaguar Classic Challenge at Le Mans, Spa-Francorchamps, and Silverstone.

To comply with regulations, the C-type Continuations will be fitted with FIA-approved Harness Retention System and rollover protection, both integrated into the rear bulkhead. Other FIA-required fitments include fire extinguishers, which can be controlled by the toggle switches in the cockpit.

Jaguar C-type Continuation

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