Catching the colors of the Nissan 370Z


The Nissan 370Z is one of the brand’s performance-oriented models in the Philippines. The two-door, two-seater sports car is known for its 3.7-liter power plant that produces anywhere from 327 to 339 horses.


  • How many colors does the Nissan 370Z have?

    The Nissan 370Z has seven color options.
  • Are all colors available in both variants?

    No, Brilliant White Pearl, Vibrant Red, Diamond Black, and Brillant Silver are all available in the Nismo and Premium variants while Gun Metallic, Pearl Blue, and Yellow are available only in the Premium variant.
  • Many fans have loved the 370Z not only for its speed but also for its style. Its coupe body is complemented by a purposeful palette designed to give the 370Z a sporty yet snappy look.

    nissan 370z

    That said, here are the colors of the Nissan 370Z.

    Brilliant White Pearl

    White befits those who like to keep their setup clean. White does represent purity and honesty after all, so this paint option will please those who like to ride around town on a sleeper Z.

    Brilliant White Pearl is available in both the 370Z’s Nismo and Premium variants.

    Vibrant Red

    A sports car cliché, red is arguably one of the sportiest colors you can get the 370Z in. It’s an eye-catching paint that will let you stand out whether it’s in the parking lot or on the streets.

    Like the aforementioned shade of white, Vibrant Red is available in both the 370Z’s two variants.

    Diamond Black

    A shiny variation of the pitch-black hue, Diamond Black gives the Nissan 370Z a mysterious and mischievous look. Owners should be careful driving at night though, as black paint is harder to see in the dark.

    The Diamond Black Paint is also available in the Premium and Nismo variants of Nissan’s 370Z coupe.

    Brilliant Silver

    Often seen as a sign of poise, elegance, and sophistication, silver makes the 370Z look like a luxurious sports car. That said, it gives the 370Z a confident and reserved look.

    It is available in both 370Z variants.

    Gun Metallic

    The metallic sheen of this gray paint brings an aura of strength and invincibility to the 370Z. It’s also a practical choice for most car buyers as gray is great in hiding dirt, which makes the coupe look good despite minimal cleaning.

    This paint is only available in the Premium variant of the Nissan 370Z.

    Pearl Blue

    The color of calm, Pearl Blue represents composure while on the road. As the color suggests, a blue 370Z would look like a relaxing car to drive.

    Pearl Blue is available by order on Nissan 370Z’s Premium variant only.


    Bright and vibrant, this color is for the outgoing owner who likes to stand out. You won’t have a hard time looking for your car in the parking area when you choose the 370Z in this paint.

    Like Pearl Blue, Yellow is available by order on the Premium variant of the 370Z.

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    Nissan 370Z
    ₱2.779 - ₱3.888 Million Emi Starts : ₱47,675

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