Compact hatch conflict: Kia Picanto vs. Mitsubishi Mirage


The local compact hatchback segment is one of the most popular car categories in the Philippines. Thanks to their small size and relatively smaller power plants, these hot hatches offer practical advantages over their larger relatives.


  • How many variants does the Kia Picanto have?

    The Kia Picanto is offered in four variants.
  • How many variants does the Mitsubishi Mirage have?

    The Mitsubishi Mirage is offered in two variants.
  • Two of today’s popular nameplates include the Kia Picanto and the Mistubishi Mirage? Interested to see which of these compact cars suit you best? Join us today as we break down the differences between both vehicles in this compact hatch conflict.



    Kia Picanto

    Mitsubishi Mirage

    Dimensions (L x W x H mm)

    3,595 x 1,595 x 1,495

    3,795 x 1,665 x 1,500

    Wheelbase (mm)



    Ground clearance (mm)



    kia-picantoMittsubishi Mirage

    While there’s no mistaking both cars are small and compact, the Mitsubishi Mirage offers larger dimensions in all aspects. The larger body size translates to a longer wheelbase which ultimately contributes to smoother ride quality.

    Plus, it also enjoys a higher ground clearance so you won’t have to worry about maneuvering over tall humps and road bumps.

    That said, we give this round to the hatchback from the three-diamond brand.


    The Kia Picanto comes with decent interior amenities like an instrument cluster with a 2.6-inch LCD screen, a three-spoke polyurethane steering wheel, cloth seats, and, depending on the variant, either a standard radio unit or a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Voice Controls.

    Meanwhile, the Mitsubishi Mirage offers respectable interior features such as an analog instrument cluster with a small LDC screen, a three-spoke polyurethane steering wheel, fabric seats, and a 2-DIN audio unit.

    With options for a better infotainment system, we give this round to the Kia Picanto.


    Depending on the variant, you can get your Kia Picanto in either a 1.0-liter or a 1.2-liter engine. The former produces 66 horses while the latter offers more with 83 horses. Both engines can be mated with either a four-speed automatic or a five-speed manual.

    On the other hand, the Mitsubishi Mirage uses a 1.2-liter power plant across the board. It can be mated to either a five-speed manual or Mitsubishi’s INVECS-III CVT. This setup generates 76 horses.

    With two engine options, we’re giving this round yet again to the Kia Picanto.


    In terms of safety, the range-topping Kia Picanto is equipped with seat belts, dual airbags at the front, ABS, and an immobilizer.

    The Mitsubishi Mirage, however, comes only with seatbelts and dual airbags at the front.

    Thanks to better safety features, this round goes to the Kia Picanto.

    Pricing and Variants

    Kia Picanto

    Picanto LX MT – P590,000
    Picanto LX AT – P635,000
    Picanto EX MT – P700,000
    Picanto EX AT – P740,000

    Mitsubishi Mirage

    Mirage 1.2 MT – P711,000
    Mirage 1.2 CVT – P765,000


    Having choices is important, it lets you find something that suits your needs and make you feel like you are getting a product tailored for your needs. The same goes with cars and is why we’re giving the win to the Kia Picanto.

    With options for engine, interior amenities, and safety, Kia ensures that there’s a Kia Picanto for everyone.

    Photos from Kia and Mitsubishi

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    KIA Picanto vs Mitsubishi Mirage
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