Cruising through the colors of the Ford Expedition


The Ford Expedition is one of the brand’s largest SUVs. Its massive proportions make it a fitting canvas for various exterior features that take daily drives and common commutes to a whole new level.

One of the Ford Expedition’s most striking features is its beefy front grille flanked by two headlamps and front fog lamps. Its imposing front end is complemented by a similarly monumental rear with LED taillights on both sides of a sizable rear door.

Passengers will realize how tall the Expedition is the moment they enter as pop-up step boards deploy to help them hop aboard.

Furthermore, Ford gave the Expedition some of the best paint options to go along with that epic exterior. Join us as we cruise through the colors of the Ford Expedition.

Blue Metallic


Blue has always been Ford’s color, and to be honest, it perfectly suits the stout SUV. While blue is often thought of as a cool and calming color, it symbolizes strength, wisdom, and trust.

Ford Expedition owners know that they can rely on their SUVs, whether it’s to take the family on a weekend grocery trip or for when running some important errands.

White Platinum


The Ford Expedition looks perfectly proper in white. The clean achromatic hue can help make owners safe when riding their full-size SUV — and for good reason. Studies show that white is one of the safest car colors.

Complementing this idea is a host of safety features like adaptive cruise control, pre-collision assist, a blind-spot information system, and a lane-keeping system.

The Ford Expedition also comes with roll stability control and a suite of six standard airbags which includes the patented safety canopy system with rollover sensors.

Shadow Black


If you want to look like a scary mob boss, then a black Ford Expedition is what you need. Black denotes power and dominance which the Expedition easily demands while on the road and even when at standstill.

With power coming from a 3.5-liter powerplant mated to a 10-speed automatic tranny, you’ll definitely leave drivers sticking their bumpers up your rear eating dust.

Magnetic Metallic


This dark gray paint makes for a great color for those who don't like to stand out. Sure its sheer size isn’t something you’d miss but the discreet earthy tones of Magnetic Metallic isn’t exactly eye-catching.

Owners who choose this paint are confident in their own skin and, psychologically, the color indicates neutrality, stability, and reliability.

Photos from Ford

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