Euro-spec Nissan Qashqai to be equipped with updated e-Power drive system


Nissan announced that the Euro-spec Qashqai will soon be optioned with the automotive brand’s e-Power drive system. The said powertrain has been updated to meet the needs of its customers — and will play a key component in the company’s Intelligent Mobility strategy in the region.


  • What Nissan vehicle will be equipped with the updated e-Power drive system?

    The Euro-spec Qashqai will be equipped with the updated e-Power powertrain.
  • When will the e-Power-equipped Qashqai be available?

    The e-Power-fitted Qashqai is expected to be released in summer in Europe.
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    According to Nissan’s European arm, the bold and innovative powertrain will break the mold in the region’s crossover segment and will offer a unique approach to electrification by making everyday driving both enjoyable and efficient.

    “The introduction of the innovative e-Power system to the new Qashqai brings more of Nissan’s pioneering spirit to the crossover segment. Customers will love the feeling of driving an EV but without consideration for charging. And e-Power represents a significant milestone in Nissan’s electrification strategy,” said Nissan AMIEO Region Chairperson Guillaume Cartier.

    The e-Power drive system is an answer to Nissan’s recently conducted research showing that its European customers spend more than 70 percent of their time driving in urban and suburban environments. In addition, Nissan found out that many of these vehicle owners feel that they need to compromise driving pleasure in order to be eco-minded in their choice of vehicle.

    That said, Nissan responded by developing a powertrain “specifically tuned for European consumer needs.”


    This version of the e-Power drive system has been upgraded for its use with the Euro-spec Qashqai. The original e-Power system — introduced in Japan in 2017 and was used on the Note compact family car — is fitted with an 80hp 1.2-liter gasoline engine.

    On the other hand, the Euro-tuned e-Power system is comprised of a high-output battery, a 156hp 1.5-liter gasoline engine, a power generator, and a 140kW electric motor. The gasoline engine generates electricity, which can be transmitted via the inverter to the battery pack, the electric motor, or both, based on the driving situation.

    The JDM-spec e-Power system produces a maximum power output of 127 horses while the Euro-spec powertrain produces 188 horses.

    Furthermore, Nissan said that what sets the e-Power drive system apart from other hybrid and electrified powertrains offered by other brands is that it has a fast and linear response, as the electric motor is the only component of the system that sends power to the wheels.

    On that note, the e-Power drive system delivers a pleasurable, effortless, and smooth driving experience — associated with a pure EV — but without the need to recharge.


    “We know that potential customers for Qashqai e-Power will spend nearly three-quarters of their time driving in urban and suburban environments. Consequently, we’ve developed the e-Power system to run as efficiently, effectively, and discreetly as possible in those circumstances. But there is no compromise to the driving performance. Acceleration is instant, thanks to the pure electric drive to the wheels, and there is no gearbox to interrupt the power delivery,” said Nissan Technical Centre Europe Region Research & Development Senior Vice President David Moss.

    Other notable features to be expected from the region-specific e-Power drive system include Linear Tune and e-Pedal Step. The former progressively increases the speed of the 1.5-liter engine to meet the motor’s energy demands as the car accelerates, ensuring there is no “disconnect” between what the occupants experience in terms of performance and sound. Meanwhile, the latter takes the repetitive strain out of stop-start urban driving, where the driver is frequently moving their foot between the accelerator and brake.

    The e-Power-equipped Nissan Qashqai will join the existing 1.3-liter mild-hybrid engine-powered models. It is expected to be released this summer (from June to September). 


    “With Nissan’s bold e-Power technology, we feel that customers will fall in love with the feeling of an electric powertrain, without the range concerns. It’s a powertrain that they will enjoy driving and represents an excellent option to be greener in their day-to-day life. Overall, the Qashqai e-Power will appeal to drivers who aren’t yet ready for a pure EV in their lives, but do want to be more eco-conscious and enjoy the fun-to-drive EV-feeling day-to-day,” said Nissan AMIEO Region Product Strategy and Pricing VP Arnaud Charpentier.

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