Ferrari Donates €2 Million to Local Communities


Italy, the birthplace of Ferrari, is one of the countries that had been greatly distressed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of today, there are more than 180,000 cases in Italy, along with almost 25,000 deaths. In response to this, Ferrari has agreed to fund a series of initiatives in the region with the first activities concentrating on the immediate communities of Maranello, Fiorano and Formigine.

Aid to the different towns includes the following initiatives which were coordinated directly with the local authorities:

  • Purchasing of COVID-19 test kits and diagnostic equipment for the Policlinico di Modena and the hospitals of Baggiovara and Sassuolo. Ferrari has agreed to purchase these serological and molecular tests that provide rapid results (in 4-8 hours) and are instrumental in the control and prevention of the contagion for the future.
  • Emergency medical service vehicle in support of the local communities. The company will donate a vehicle to the volunteers of the Local Health Authority of Modena (A.USL) and made available to the AVAP (A Voluntary Association of Public Assistance) of Maranello for emergency response interventions in the local area.
  • Purchasing of computer equipment for schools. Notebooks, tablets and portable modems will allow primary and secondary in the three towns to provide efficient management and participation in online lessons which have become the primary form of education during the crisis. All of the purchased IT equipment will remain with the chosen schools after the pandemic.
  • Purchasing and distribution of food in Maranello. A contribution to the purchase of food vouchers and essential goods for struggling families coping with the emergency situation.

Ferrari will continue to participate in other initiatives that will be confirmed in the region over the coming weeks. The overall funding for this initiative is almost €2 million (approximately PhP 110.5 million) and was generated thanks to the Chairman, the CEO and Board of Directors who pledged their full compensation from April till end of year, and its Senior Management Team donating 25 percent of their salaries for the same period.

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