First Look at the Porsche Taycan Cabin

You've seen what the Porsche Taycan can do, now marvel at what's inside it. Although the German automaker's all-electric car will eventually be revealed in September, interest in the Taycan is at an all-time high, and Porsche is only willing to whet people's appetite. This time, it shows what's behind the wheel of the designated Tesla Model S competitor.

Porsche describes the Taycan cabin as an amalgam of the past and present. "Classic design features have been reinterpreted and brought into the digital age," says the press release for the reveal.

"Less is more applies here too," explains Ivo van Hulten, Director Interior Design Style Porsche at Porsche AG. "The Taycan interior combines design elements typical for the brand with a new type of user experience, and impresses with its simple elegance."

The overall feel is unique and a lot different than what appears im Porsche's latest offerings, including the Panamera Sport Turismo or the refreshed Porsche Cayenne. Nevertheless, the company's signature design cues are apparent all throughout.

The all-too familiar instrument cluster outline houses an all-digital display--a first for the brand. The centerpiece for everything is a 16.8-inch curved display surrounded by touch-capacitive buttons controlling the headlights, suspension, and stability, among other features. The screen itself gives drivers four cyclable preset modes that change the display according to need. Choices include Classic (digital power meter with other various readouts on each side), Map, Full Map, and Pure (only vital readouts are highlighted, while everything else goes dark).

The panel is rounded out with three more digital displays including the main infotainment display, passenger display, and center console display, which can be configured to control the HVAC as well as other functions. As well, all three screens can be personalized with different movable tiles.

As for the interior materials, trim options include metal, wood, and carbon fiber. For upholstery, there's traditional leather and Porsche's new Race-Tex material, a high-quality microfiber fabric that contains recycled polyester fibers. "Its production has 80 percent less CO2 than traditional materials," Porsche describes.

Another eco-friendly move, Porsche used Econyl for the floor covering, a plastic material sourced from recycled fishing nets. Like Race-Tex, Econyl is supposedly more environment friendly than other car flooring materials.

Porsche promises to reveal more information as the Taycan nears its September debut.

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