Ford Driving Skills for Life: Over 23,000 Participants and Counting

Around 23,000 road users have already participated in the Ford Driving Skills Experience and the numbers just keep on growing. Now on its 12th year, Ford’s flagship corporate social responsibility program eyes more educated road users. PK Umashankar, Ford Philippines' managing director, expressed elation on the progress made by the manufacturer. "Over 23,000 drivers have been helped," Umashankar said proudly. During the Alabang leg this past weekend, Ford Philippines Assistant Vice President for Communications EJ Francisco said that road safety education should be shared to everyone. According to him, passengers also have a role in keeping our roads safe. For one, celebrity mom Bianca Gonzales, who joined the Alabang leg, noted the importance of learning the ropes on road safety. When she was younger, she shared, she got the knowledge she needed in her usual commute to school. "I live in Parañaque and my school is at Katipunan so there's a lot of practice going back and forth," she said. "But when you become a parent, you become extra cautious with you drive."

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