Ford PH to Prioritize Aftersales Support

The leadership of Ford Philippines assures the public that they would continuously be focusing on aftersales support.

In fact, newly-minted Ford Philippines Managing Director PK Umashankar said that he is ready to roll up his sleeves and attend to the laundry himself.

In a roundtable meeting with select member of the motoring media, Umashankar said that for starters, he would going from dealer to dealer to learn the needs of the market.

He said that his immediate goal is to synergize three subjects, such as:

  • Commit dealer viability;

  • Strengthen the brand; and

  • Heighten customer experience.

He noted that back in Thailand, he used to read all customer issues.

"I open all customer issues everyday," Umashankar stated. "I do that passionately. It tells us the gaps that we have that involves helping customers."

Aside from that, Umashankar also guaranteed that within his stint, he will try to make the delivery of parts.

Regarding the parts, he said that despite where the part will be sourced, they will shoulder the supposed loss.

"Prices of parts would be uniform. We would have to suck it up (on possible loss incurred on shipment of parts)," he said.

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