Ford unveils track-only GT Mk IV

2023 Ford GT Mk IV

Ford recently unveiled the track-only GT Mk IV.


  • What powers the Ford GT Mk IV?

    The Ford GT Mk IV is powered by a unique twin-turbo EcoBoost engine mated to a racing transmission.
  • How many samples of the Ford GT Mk IV will the Blue Oval brand make?

    The Blue Oval brand will only make 67 samples of the Ford GT Mk IV.
  • The model is eyed to make more than 800 horsepower (hp).

    According to the Blue Oval brand, the Ford GT Mk IV is equipped with a unique twin-turbo EcoBoost engine mated to a racing transmission. This setup is accompanied by an aerodynamic exterior with a carbon fiber “long tail” body, Multimatic’s Adaptive Spool Valve (ASV) suspension, and a chassis with a longer wheelbase for greater on-track handling.

    2023 Ford GT Mk IV 1

    “Multimatic’s brief was to create the most extreme final version of the Ford GT, and the Mk IV is the outcome. A unique larger displacement engine, proper racing gearbox, stretched wheelbase and truly radical body have resulted in an unprecedented level of performance. We are proud to have been a part of the third-generation GT from its inception to this amazing swan song and consider it a significant chapter in Multimatic’s history,” commented Multimatic Special Vehicle Operations Group Executive Vice President (EVP) Larry Holt.

    The new Ford GT Mk IV nods to the year that the original Mk IV won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The cars will be produced at Multimatic’s facility in Ontario, per the Dearborn-based brand.

    2023 Ford GT Mk IV 2

    “The original GT Mk IV held nothing back for max track performance, and the new Ford GT Mk IV brings it in the same way. With an even higher level of motorsport engineering and performance, plus a completely new carbon fiber body that is functional and striking, the Mk IV is the ultimate sendoff of the third-generation supercar,” said Ford Performance Motorsports Global Director Mark Rushbrook.

    Only 67 samples of these hand-built supercars will be made.

    Photos from Ford

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