Ford Wants to Make its Cars More Courteous to Emergency Vehicles

We all know that the wisest thing to do is to make and give way when we see that there's an emergency vehicle approaching. Making room for an ambulance that's on a rush is what responsible and courteous drivers would normally do. With that in mind, Ford wants to make its cars more courteous to emergency vehicles through a new technology. The blue oval brand has teamed up with Vodafone to test a connected vehicle technology that could alert drivers to an accident ahead. The said tech also has the ability to warn the driver that an emergency vehicle is approaching, which would let the driver adjust his/her car accordingly. Ford says that this tech is meant to create an "emergency corridor," which are crucial for firetrucks and ambulances to reach their destinations faster. In fact, Ford says a study states that survival rates for road accident victims can be improved by 40 percent if they receive medical treatment just four minutes more quickly. In addition, Ford and Vodafone are looking into the possibility of coming up with a technology that could inform other drives that there is an accident ahead, within a 500 meter range. The two companies are considering to apply Ford's current "eCall Plus" tech to inform other drivers if there is an accident. Watch the video posted below to know more about this tech.

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