Fuso PH introduces ‘Fleet Intelligence’ program

fuso fleet intelligence

Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation (SFP) shared that the truck company has launched Fleet Intelligence, a management system designed to maximize logistics efficiency and productivity.


  • What features does Fleet Intelligence offer?

    Per Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation, Fleet Intelligence offers features such as vehicle location, driver behavior, and mileage monitoring.
  • On what Fuso truck model is Fleet Intelligence available?

    According to SFP, Fleet Intelligence is available for the Canter FE71.
  • According to the Japanese truck brand's local arm , Fleet Intelligence can provide managers with relevant data such as vehicle location and driver behavior. As a result, companies taking advantage of this new fleet management service can benefit from improved logistics efficiency and productivity.

    Further, the fleet’s routes can be optimized using historical route patterns, traffic data, and fuel consumption trips.

    SFP also said that through Fleet Intelligence, business owners can better manage vehicle maintenance expenses via features like mileage monitoring, service reminders, follow-ups for scheduled maintenance, as well as information on vehicle health and usage.

    And arguably one of the best reasons for business owners to get SFP’s Fleet Intelligence system is the potential of reducing penalties due to the pilferage of goods as the service allows fleet managers to identify various activities — like the unauthorized opening and closing of the truck’s doors.

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    Currently, the Fleet Intelligence is available on the Fuso Canter FE71. A model that is equipped with a 3.0-liter diesel engine, this light-duty commercial truck can be optioned with various body specifications including passenger, closed aluminum, refrigerated vans or a dropside truck.

    Customers who will get Fleet Intelligence until March 31 will receive a free one-year subscription plan with full access to the application.

    Those interested can visit any SFP dealership nationwide or fill out an online form by following this link: www.fuso.com.ph/contact-us.

    “Currently, existing Fuso customers are experiencing challenges with monitoring and managing assets of its fleet operations — common occurrences include cargo and fuel theft which can be reduced through this system. Operating costs, on the other hand, can also fluctuate depending on a variety of factors including fuel and vehicle maintenance. Thus, Fleet Intelligence helps you to identify variable costs and control how to reduce them,” SFP said in a press release.

    The truck firm is yet to confirm whether Fleet Intelligence will be made available on the Fuso Canter Commute. The modern public utility vehicle, which operates on the Cubao-Divisoria route, could become a more appealing option for transport operators should it be packaged with Fleet Intelligence.

    To note, the said vehicle is fitted with Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board-required features: closed-circuit television cameras and recorders, Wi-Fi, GPS tracking system, LED (Route) signage, and LCD monitor.

    Photos from Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation

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