GM pushes to bring electric mobility to those in 'climate equity'


Recently, General Motors (GM) Chair and CEO Mary Barra expounded on GM’s previous climate commitments in the US. 

Barra declared that GM would prioritize climate action to ensure the company's all-electric future includes current and future workforce,  customers, as well as "climate equity," which has been defined as communities or people who are likely to bear the brunt of climate change. 

GM said it has created the new US$25 million (roughly P1.2 billion) Climate Equity Fund, dedicated to helping close equity gaps in the transition to electric vehicles and other sustainable technologies.

The philanthropic fund complements the company's global investment in EV and autonomous vehicle (AV) programs, research, technology, manufacturing, and charging infrastructure.

"Climate change does not impact every community equally. As we move to an all-electric, zero-emissions future, it is on us to lead positive change and implement inclusive solutions that bring everyone along, especially our employees and communities,” Barra said. 

Barra also shared more about the company's broader focus on equitable climate action, which is rooted in four key areas. 

1. The Future of Work: The company prioritized its current salaried and represented workforce, including reiterating its long history of supporting unions to promote safety, quality, training, and jobs for American workers. 

2. EV Access: The company will offer a wide selection of EVs across a range of price points, from the Bolt EV to the Cruise Origin shared autonomous vehicle.

GM also recently announced programs leveraging its Hydrotec fuel cells for rail and aircraft applications, which could help communities to experience the benefits of zero-emissions mobility beyond the motor vehicle.

3. Infrastructure Equity: GM is committed to ubiquitous charging solutions that can help meet customers where they are. The company also understands the need to help address charging deserts and other scenarios that can hinder EV ownership.

4. Climate Equity: GM will help fund organizations that are closing the climate equity gap at the community level. 

Photos from General Motors 

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