Greased lightning: Maserati announces Folgore, reveals electrification plans


In a recent press release, Maserati announces its first-ever electrified offering: the GranTurismo Folgore (Italian for “lightning”). Through it, Maserati becomes the first Italian automotive brand to produce all-electric vehicles.


  • What is the first Maserati car to use 100-percent-electric solutions?

    It is the Maserati Folgore.
  • When does Maserati plan to offer an electrified lineup?

    Maserati says that all models will have an electric version by 2025 and by 2030 all new models will be fully electric.
  • “The Folgore full-electric strategy has been developed with customers’ requirements in mind, which remain the focus of every single product and form part of the brand’s DNA,” said Maserati.


    The Maserati Folgore is the first car in Maserati’s history to adopt 100 percent electric solutions. At launch, the new GranTurismo will offer cutting-edge technical solutions derived from Formula E: superb performance, comfort, and elegance, all of which are typical features of the Trident brand.

    All Folgore models will be built at the Modena-based carmaker’s Mirafiori production hub and are set to make their debut sometime next year. Word on the web says that the Folgore will come in both GranTurismo coupe and GranCabrio convertible body types. An 800-volt battery is said to power the three electric motors that propel the Folgore which would give it around 1,200 horses.

    From here, Maserati will quickly make the shift towards an electrified future. Maserati says that the all-new Grecale SUV — scheduled for launch in the next few days — will also become available in an electric version come 2023.

    By 2025, all Maserati models will have a 100-percent-electric variant. And by 2030, all vehicles donning the Trident emblem will be fully electric.

    According to Maserati, despite the radical changes that the Stellantis-owned company is experiencing, all Maserati vehicles will still be made 100 percent in Italy. They will adopt electrified powertrains that are expected to bring great performance and innovation to Maserati’s electrified offerings.

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