HARI hails 2021 Hyundai Trucks & Buses ASTiG Dealer Award winners

Hyundai ASTiG Awards 2021

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) recently honored members of its 16-strong commercial vehicle dealer network at the 2021 Hyundai Trucks and Buses (HTB) ASTiG Dealer Awards.


  • What is the 2021 Hyundai Trucks and Buses (HTB) ASTiG Dealer Awards for?

    This is to honor dealerships that have raised the level of dealership performance through exceptional service, remarkable strength and excellence despite the challenges.
  • When was the awards night held?

    This was done last December 17.
  • How many accolades were given that day?

    A total of 30 awards covering five major categories
  • In a statement, HARI said that the ASTiG (Angat-Serbisyo, Tibay at Galing) Awards (held last December 17) was to acknowledge the dealerships that have “elevated their level of dealership performance through exceptional service, remarkable strength and excellence despite the challenges in the Year of the Metal Ox.”

    “Today’s triumphant moment is a testament of our shared resolve and responsibility to move the CV industry and the nation to where it should be—towards uplifting the lives of the humble entrepreneur, and every single Filipino that toils day and night to build a stronger, better Philippines,” HARI President and Chief Executive Officer Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo said in her congratulatory address.  

    A total of 30 awards from five major categories were presented at the virtual meet. The accolades for the champions and runner include the ESG Award of Excellence (as inspired by HARI’s late chairman of the board, Edward S. Go).

    The ESG Award of Excellence is bestowed to dealers “with exceptional contribution in managing dealership Environment, Social or workforce inclusivity, and responsible Governance over operational rigors through Empowerment, Sincerity, and Gratitude—the ideals that emulate the humble service and brave leadership of Chairman Edward S. Go.”

    Hyundai ASTiG Awards 2021

    Below are the dealers and their respective awards:

    ESG Award of Excellence 

    • Champion: HTB-Cabanatuan 
    • Runner-up: HTB-Cebu 

    Department Awards 

    Hyundai ASTiG Awards for Sales Performance 

    • Best in Fleet Sales (Government) 
      • Champion: HTB-Cebu
      • Runner-up: HTB-Alabang 
    • Best in Fleet Sales (Private) 
    • Best in Fleet Sales (PUV) 
      • Champion: HTB-Cabanatuan
      • Runner-up: HTB-Davao 
    • Top Sales Performance (Buses) 
      • Champions: HTB-Alabang and HTB-Cebu
    • Top Sales Performance (Trucks) 
      • Champion: HTB-Commonwealth
    • Top Sales Performance (PUV)
      • Champion: HTB-Cabanatuan
    • Top in Sales Target Achievement
      • Champion: HTB-Cabanatuan  

    Hyundai ASTiG Awards for After-sales Performance 

    • Best in Customer eXperience Index 
      • Champion: HTB-Cabanatuan
      • Runner-up: HTB-Cainta 
    • Best in Call for Service Inspection (CSI)
      • Champion: HTB-Santiago (2S)
      • Runner-up: HTB-Manila Bay
    • Best in After-sales Operations 
      • Champion: HTB-Alabang
      • Runner-up: HTB-Cainta 
    • Top in After-sales Business Results (2S) 
      • Champion: HTB-Santiago(2S)
    • Top in After-sales Business Results (3S) 
      • Champion: HTB-Commonwealth 
      • Runner-up: HTB-Manila Bay 

     Hyundai ASTiG Awards for Marketing Performance 

    • Best in Overall Marketing Performance 
      • Champion: Hyundai Trucks Buses-Cebu
      • Runner-up: Hyundai Trucks Buses-Batangas 

    Hyundai ASTiG Awards for Dealer Operations Performance 

    • Best in Guidelines for Protection & Safety (GPS) Compliance
      • Champion: HTB-Cabanatuan
      • Runner-up: HTB-Baliwag 
    • Best in Dealer Process Compliance 
      • Champion: HTB-Cebu 
      • Runner-up: HTB-Batangas
    • Best in Business Results Achievement
      • Champion: HTB- Davao
      • Runners-up: HTB-Manila Bay and HTB- Cabanatuan 

    “Together, we have endured, survived, and thrived in the most ingenious and humbling of ways that shall inspire, shape, and influence the next generation of entrepreneurs. Indeed, we’ve made 2021 a milestone year. Let’s continue to courage on together, because with our collective power as Partners in Every Way, better days are sure to come. Congratulations at Mabuhay tayong lahat!” Agudo capped off the online ceremony.

    Photos from Hyundai Asia Resources Inc.

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