Honda e Showcases its Full-Width Touchscreen Dashboard

Honda e Showcases its Full-Width Touchscreen Dashboard

As the excitement for the Honda e reaches fever-pitch, the Japanese carmaker decided to fan the flames even more by a releasing a video of the electric vehicle's ultra-high-tech dash.

Honda's first production EV will feature an eye-popping wide digital touchscreen dashboard made up of five seamlessly integrated HD displays that span the length of the cabin. These displays are configured as follows:

  • One eight-inch TFT screen behind the steering wheel shows the digital instrument cluster
  • Two six-inch screens on the edges for the exterior camera mirrors
  • Two 12.3-inch LCD screens in the middle section for infotainment

The eight-inch digital instrument cluster in front of the driver provides all the key trip information, including the status of power, charge, and safety features, as well as the selected drive mode.

The two outer six-inch displays allow for a natural feel and vision for viewing the side camera, as the screens are closer to the driver's line of sight. A Center Camera Mirror system driven by a central rear-facing camera further enhances field of vision.

The two 12.3 inch screens that comprise the infotainment system not only allows for the simultaneous operation of two applications, but also permits content to be swapped between them, such as the navigation on the right, music on the left, and vice versa. The infotainment system is powered by Honda's new Personal Assistant, a voice-activated system that responds to instructions and queries with ease thanks to its integrated machine learning feature.

The Honda e also allows smartphone integration, allowing drivers to stay connected to the vehicle in order to remotely control functions such as security, climate control, GPS, battery charge, and driving range monitor, among others.

Check out the rest of the digital dashboard's capabilities below.

The Honda e is scheduled to make its first appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. For more info on the car, click here.


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