Honda PH issues safety recall for 2016-2019 Honda Pilot


Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI), the local arm of the Japanese carmaker, announced that it is issuing a voluntary safety recall for the 137 Honda Pilot units sold in the Philippines that were manufactured from 2016 to 2019. The decision to issue a recall for Honda’s midsize SUVs follows the announcement made by Honda in Japan.


  • How many Honda Pilots will be recalled in the Philippines?

    Accordong to Honda, there are 137 Honda Pilot units sold in the Philippines that were made from 2016 to 2019.
  • How much will repairing or replacing the affected component cost?

    Honda says that the process necessary to correct the fault on the 2016 to 2019 Pilots will be free of charge.
  • How can owners check if their Honda Pilot units are affected?

    Honda Pilot owners can check if their vehicles are part of the recall by visiting Honda Philippines' website where they may log their vehicle frame numbers. Alternatively, they can inquire with Honda dealers or call HCPI’s hotline.
  • According to Honda Japan, the Holda Pilots under the aforementioned year models might require the replacement of the panel comp hood.

    Honda said that “findings show an improper hood to grill gap setting at the time of vehicle manufacturing, the hood latch may experience higher than expected load under certain driving conditions. Strong air pressure forced through this gap may cause the hood to vibrate which, over time, may cause the area surrounding the hood latch striker to crack and potentially dislodge, presenting a risk for the hood to open while driving and increasing the risk of a crash.”

    While no crashes or injuries were reported relating to Honda’s findings, HCPI with 37 authorized Honda Dealers and Service Centers nationwide will proceed with the reinforcement or replacement of panel comp hood.

    The replacement of the said component will be free of charge for the vehicle owners. The process will only take 30 minutes if the action needed is the reinforcement of the hood. However, if the diagnosis warrants a replacement, the process will take two days.

    Honda Pilot owners are encouraged to visit Honda Philippine’s website where they may log their vehicle frame numbers to check if their unit is included. Owners may also inquire with Honda dealers or through HCPI’s hotline to check if their vehicles are part of the recall.

    Photo from Honda

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