Honda rolls out e:NS1 EV in China, to take e:NP1 EV reservations soon


Honda, through its Chinese subsidiary, Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd.(HMCI), announced sales of the e:NS1 compact crossover EV is now available in China.


  • When was the e:NS1 launched in China?

    The e:NS1 EV was launched in the Chinese market through Dongfeng Honda on April 26.
  • When will Honda start taking reservations for the e:NP1 in China?

    GAC Honda will start taking reservations of the e:NP1 EV in May.
  • According to HMCI, Honda’s automobile production and sales joint venture in China, Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., started selling the EV units on Tuesday, April 26.


    Meanwhile, GAC Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., another Honda automobile production and sales joint venture in China, will begin taking reservations for the all-new e:NP1 EV model in May 2022.


    “It is our great pleasure to start offering the all-new e:NS1 and e:NP1, the first set of Honda e:N Series, for our customers in China. Even in the EV era, creating truly unique cars is what Honda believes in. There are already many choices of EV models available to customers in China, however, our e:N Series models will be the ones to redefine the fun of EVs by offering unique value derived from the ultimate dimension of comfort and fun,” said Honda Managing Officer and Chief Officer in charge of Regional Operation (China), Katsushi Inoue.

    Both e:NS1 and e:NP1 models are the first among the “e:N Series,” developed specifically for the Chinese market. These models, per Honda, combine the Japanese Monozukuri (art of making things) that includes the pursuit of originality and passion, with the cutting-edge electrification and intelligence technologies of China.

    Notable exterior features include the luminescent “H” emblem at the fore and the new “Honda” emblem in the rear which replaces the traditional “H” logo. Inside, the all-new e:NS1 and e:NP1 offer a safe, comfortable, and smart “space” for would-be owners with various intelligence technologies such as the Driver Monitoring Camera (DMC), which assists safe driving by detecting potential dangerous behavior like inattentive driving and an indication of drowsiness experienced by the driver.

    In addition, the e:NS1 and e:NP1 EVs feature the latest connectivity technologies available in China like the Honda Connect 3.0 — the new-generation connected technology developed exclusively for EVs — and the large 15.1-inch display audio.

    Built around the newly-developed e:N Architecture F platform, both the e:NS1 and the e:NP1 EVs feature an electric motor that delivers both instantaneous output and delicate control in various driving situations, a large-capacity battery that enables a range of 510km.

    The e:NS1 and the e:NP1 will be Honda’s flagship EVs in China, with more e:N models planned in the future. GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda, respectively, will each build a new dedicated EV production plant, with an aim to become operational in 2024.


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