Honda teases ‘rugged and capable’ Pilot SUV in ‘Where’s Waldo’-esque photo

pilot teaser

The US arm of Honda has revealed a teaser photo of the upcoming 2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport SUV — and it’s sending strong Where’s Waldo? (or Wally depending if you’ve read the British version) vibes.


  • What variant of the Pilot SUV is teased in the photo?

    Per Honda, the teased SUV is the Pilot TrailSport.
  • When will it be launched?

    No dates were disclosed in the teaser photo, but Honda mentioned that it will come soon.
  • If you grew up in the '90s, a time when the internet wasn’t as popular as it is now, you might have probably come across Martin Handford’s Where’s Waldo? Waldo is always seen dressed in a white-and-red top with a matching cap. He also had a messenger bag, a walking stick, and wore a pair of rounded eye glasses ala John Lennon. Despite the eye-catching attire, Waldo always finds himself in throngs of people that sort makes it difficult to spot the willing wanderer.

    Like the pages of Handford’s books, the picture Honda shared seems to make spotting the 2023 Pilot TrailSport quite the challenge.

    Shown is an imposing precipice with thousands of cracks and crevices. It looks like a breathtaking shot of a rocky desert cliff, but if you look closely, you’ll see the camouflaged SUV trotting along the trail at the edge of the crag. We think that this is Honda’s way of showing that the 2023 Pilot TrailSport is comfortable taking on challenging terrain.

    Not much has been disclosed in the way of specifications. That said, we will know whether the SUV will be endowed with actual off-roading appointments or if it will come as a form of outdoorsy accessories.

    Nevertheless, Honda captioned the photo by saying that the 2023 Pilot TrailSport will be the “most rugged and capable Honda SUV ever.” Honda adds that the SUV will come soon, so it could make its debut within the year. 

    Photo from Honda

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