Honda unveils e:N2 Concept

honda concept

Honda recently unveiled the e:N2 Concept in China at the 5th China International Import Expo in Shanghai.


  • Where did Honda unveil the e:N2 Concept?

    Honda unveiled the e:N2 Concept at the fifth China International Import Expo in Shanghai.
  • What platform will the Honda e:N2 Concept use?

    The Honda e:N2 Concept will use the brand's e:N Architecture F.
  • The Honda e:N2 Concept features sharp and dynamic body lines as well as a surface finish that highlights its metallic look. The interior was designed with an aim to realize the value of this electric vehicle (EV) as a “space” where occupants can enjoy “intellectual exhilaration.”

    To this end, a clean and uncluttered digital cockpit was adopted, and smart hospitality for the occupants will be offered with the latest Honda Connect features as well as the effective presentation of lighting and scents.

    As for driving performance, built on the e:N Architecture F, a dedicated architecture developed exclusively for the e:N Series, the e:N2 Concept was designed to achieve unique driving pleasure, enabling the driver to enjoy a strong “sense of unity with the vehicle.” This was realized based on the dynamics technologies of Honda, including outstanding vehicle stability and crisp handling.


    “The e:N2 Concept represents the value of our e:N Series, which will ‘redefine the fun EVs can offer to customers’ with their unique driving pleasure, the value as a mobility space and design. In China, Honda will continue delivering a broad range of electrified mobility products unique only to Honda and experience our rebirth into an electric mobility brand,” commented Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Director, President, and Representative Executive Officer Toshihiro Mibe.

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