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Hyundai Just Created a Goliath of an SUV

It’s a humongous concept SUV, to say the least. Unveiled at the ongoing Busan International Motor Show, Hyundai‘s newest and biggest concept car has a name that sounds as huge and mighty as its size: the Hyundai HDC-2 Grandmaster.

In case you didn’t know, the term “Grandmaster” pertains to chess, and is considered the highest title a chess player can attain in his or her lifetime. Similarly, the HDC-2 Grandmaster is expected to be the biggest in Hyundai’s crossover lineup, and is expected to impose its presence on the road with its ginormous size.

Such “tactical” identity actually goes quite well with Hyundai’s new design language, which is described as “sensuous sportiness.”

According to Hyundai, the concept uses a style philosophy that merges “four key elements–proportion, architecture, styling and technology–thereby bringing emotional value and desirability.”

SangYup Lee, vice president and head of Hyundai styling, said “we will move towards becoming a brand that customers can really relate to emotionally. Moving on from being a brand that provides a great value, we will aspire to also become a brand that is widely beloved by our customers.”

We still don’t know what Hyundai’s plans are with the Grandmaster, but hopefully it will be available soon, because really, the road needs intimidating SUVs just to spice things up from time to time.

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