Jaguar Land Rover now offers subscription, rental services in UK


Jaguar Land Rover is offering its UK customers new ways to experience its vehicles, thanks to its updated online platform. The revamped website will allow JLR customers to buy, subscribe, or rent a new Jaguar or Land Rover unit, ultimately providing its clients flexible options that would suit their unique motoring needs.


  • What updates did JLR do to improve its online buying process?

    According to Jaguar Land Rover, the company has reduced the necessary steps for customers purchasing a vehicle online. It also added a new document portal which makes uploading and downloading files easy.
  • What are JLR's subscription and rent services called?

    JLR's subscription service is called Pivotal while the rental service is called Road Trip Rentals.
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    Here’s how it works.

    Customers who plan to own a Jag or a Land Rover can visit the brands' respective online showrooms. Those who have visited these pages before would notice subtle changes to the platform, from its sleek and sophisticated new look to how easy and straightforward it now is to make a purchase.

    According to Jaguar Land Rover, they have reduced the steps necessary for a customer to purchase a vehicle. In addition, the pricing of each model is now displayed at the start of the purchasing process rather than at the end.

    Furthermore, the British automotive company has added a new document portal to the website that holds customer files such as proof of identity conveniently and securely.

    “Once uploaded, customers can share documents directly with their elected retailer so that the transaction is slick, convenient, and safe. Likewise, retailers can share finance agreements, orders, and all other associated documentation directly with the customer on the portal so that there is one, safe and convenient home for all documents,” said Jaguar Land Rover in a recent press release.

    Meanwhile, Jaguar Land Rover’s subscription service, called “Pivotal,” allows a customer to have their preferred vehicle for a month. A single payment will cover the vehicle’s rental, insurance, tax, servicing, and repairs, leaving subscribers to only worry about fuel or electricity — depending on what powertrain option they choose for their loaned vehicle.

    Per Jaguar Land Rover, there are multiple membership tiers available and members can put their subscription on hold from month to month.

    “Every six months, Pivotal subscribers can change their vehicle for replacement, choosing either to stick with the same model or experience another member of the Jaguar or Land Rover family. This level of flexibility is perfect for those who may wish to change their vehicle regularly to accommodate their full and varied lifestyle: imagine having a Land Rover Discovery seven-seater for family road trips, trial life with a fully electric Jaguar I-Pace, or scheduling something exotic like an F-Type or a new Range Rover for a special occasion — all under one subscription,” explained Jaguar Land Rover in the said press release.

    On the other hand, Jaguar Land Rover offers “Road Trip Rentals” for customers looking to experience Jaguar or Land Rover vehicles over a much shorter term. Compared to conventional rent-a-car services, JLR’s Road Trip Rentals offer better benefits with transparent and comprehensive pricing, unlimited mileage, child seats, additional drivers, bike racks, and even congestion charges included.


    “More luxury goods and experiences are consumed and shared in the digital space than ever before, and consumer expectations are high for both quality and convenience. We strive to stay at the forefront of the latest innovations through a rigorous digital transformation, and bringing the luxury of choice to our customers is a key part in that journey. We now have a market-leading online experience that delivers ultimate convenience and confidence in a tailored way for Jaguar and Land Rover customers,” said Jaguar Land Rover UK Managing Director Rawdon Glover.

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