This Just Broke the World Record for the Fastest BMW Motorcycle in the World

This Just Broke the World Record for the Fastest BMW Motorcycle in the World

The BMW S1000RR has gone a long way from its first competition in the Superbike World Championship in 2009, and it's just getting started. Today, it's considered the most powerful in its class--and now the fastest BMW motorcycle ever. The team responsible for its victory is the Hunter Sills Racing (HSR) team. They were able to lead the S1000RR to a record-breaking 242 mph (389 kph) using a 1,000cc naturally-aspirated four-cylinder bike. Piloted by Erin Sills, she broke her late husband's 2013 record of 221 mph (356 kph) at the salt lake of Uyuni, Bolivia.

The road to victory, however, wasn't smooth. The team's critical equipment got delayed in shipping, cutting down their testing time from six days to 2.5 days. They also ran into serious electronic issue problems that resulted in a blown-up engine once they finally started testing the bike.

BMW S1000RR Features

This BMW motorcycle comes with a standard ABS and "dynamic TCS, Cruise control, Launch control, and HP Gear Shift Assist Pro(Quickshifter)". It also added a "'dynamic TCS standard', and augmented 'Race mode' and 'Dynamic mode' packages with new configurations such as DDC and 'ABS pro.'" As of 2016, its "wet weight" was at 204 kg (450 lb), and has around 148.4 kW (199.0 hp) @ 13,500 rpm of power. Here are its other impressive features according to BMW:
  • Adaptation to EU4 requirements.
  • ABS Pro as a new element of the optional equipment item “Ride Modes Pro”.
  • DTC as standard.
  • The new RR now as standard as a single-seat model with passenger seat cover. The optional passenger package is available free of charge as an alternative.
  • Well-established color concepts: Racing Red non-metallic/Light White non-metallic and BMW Motorsport (Lupine Blue metallic/Light White non-metallic/Racing Red non-metallic), though in a new design.
  • New color option Granite Grey metallic/Black Storm metallic.
  • Design Option Wheels with red rim lines now included as standard as part of the color concepts Racing Red non-metallic/Light White non-metallic and BMW Motorsport.

Aside from breaking the record as the fastest BMW bike, it has also received numerous awards, such as Motorcycle News (United Kingdom) "Machine of the Year" and "Sports Bike over 751cc" 2010, Cycle World Best Superbike of 2010, Motorcycle.Com's Motorcycle of the Year 2010, Robb Report Best of the Best 2010, and Motorcyclist Motorcycle of the Year 2010.

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