Kia expands e-Niro lineup

Kia e-Niro

Although Kia has already established the e-Niro as one of the most desirable EVs to be released this year, the Korean car company has now added more additional perks, giving buyers more reasons as to why they should go for the fully electric e-Niro. The car now features an expanded line-up to include three feature rich versions named ‘2’, ‘3’, and ‘4+’.Kia e-Niro

The all-new three-model e-Niro line-up is comprised of a grade ‘2’, level ‘3’ and a top-of-the-range ‘4+’ edition, with the ‘+’ moniker symbolizing that it incorporates an AC 11kW three-phase charger as standard, the first time that it has been offered on the e-Niro.Kia e-Niro

Available on the grade 2 specification is the 39kWh battery pack, which will have a price tag of £29,595 (P1.8 million). It joins a pair of high specification models in ‘3’ and ‘4+’ grades that feature the high-powered 64kWh battery pack.

Charging the lithium-ion polymer battery up to 80 per cent only takes less than an hour using a 100kW direct current (DC) fast charger, no matter whether the 39kWh or 64kWh e-Niro is chosen.

Kia e-Niro

The e-Niro is available with Kia’s ‘Kia Care’ service plans, which have been developed to provide customers with a wide range of service plan options for any Kia model within the first seven years of the vehicle’s life – matching its industry-leading seven-year warranty.

Access to seven key benefits was given to customers as a way of showing them the best ownership experience that was established in the Kia Promise. This is activated after purchase and is done by registering on the online portal, MyKia. Kia e-Niro

Together with Kia's seven-year/100,000-mile warranty, other benefits of the Kia Promise include complimentary seven-day insurance and £250 Insurance Excess Return for one year; easy to use Click & Collect on Genuine Kia accessories; convenient online service booking; Family-Like Care and Accident AfterCare. Every new Kia also comes with complimentary Roadside Assistance for 12 months. When a customer registers on MyKia, Kia Roadside Assistance Plus, the highest level of cover provided by the RAC, can be unlocked, which includes onward travel and European cover. 

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