KTM Now Lets You Customize Your Bike Riding Suit

KTM custom bike suit

Car manufacturers such as Ford, MINI and BMW have long allowed buyers to come up with their own car design using online configuration tools, and the technology has since trickled to bike makers as well. Just like their car-making counterparts, many bike manufacturers today offer the possibility to create the bike of their dreams in a digital environment. KTM takes this one step further by expanding customizability to riding gear as well. Now, you can have the suit to match your ride.

KTM one-piece custom bike suit ©autoevolution

KTM partnered with Gimoto, an Italian producer of leather biking suits, to develop an online configurator that allows users to customize the protective rider gear they want to wear with their KTM motorcycle. Using KTM’s configuration tool, you can design your own KTM RSX Suit leather combi, and your RSX Jacket and pants can now accurately represent your personal measurements and preferences.

Leather combi in just a few quick clicks

When you visit KTM’s virtual shop, you get to create your own one-piece or two-piece leather combi in just a few quick clicks. The site won’t charge you for being creative, so you’re free to choose from an array of KTM-approved colors and add to the design with your own texts or logos.

Options for aerodynamic humps, elastic inserts, lining, perforation, and ventilation are on the menu as well. This ensures your KTM-branded suit will fit and feel as comfortable as having a second skin.

The finished product is made from either cow or kangaroo leather. Ample protection is provided at the shoulder, elbow, and knee pads to minimize scrapes and bruises that a driver may suffer in case of a fall. The optional SAS-TEC branded back protector comes with a utility pocket for storing small and light items.

Pre-made setups also available

KTM two-piece custom riding gear ©autoevolution.com

If customizing isn’t your thing, you can choose pre-made setups instead. Size ranges from small (S) to three times extra-large (3XL). You can change up to 20 parameters to ensure a snug fit, including the circumference of the wrist, arm and neck openings, neck to waist length, shoulder to wrist length, shoulder width, and even the inner crotch to ankle length.

After finalizing your selections, all you have to do is input your contact details and click the 'SEND" button. KTM will then give you a monetary amount for the total package, and from there you simply have to accept, pay, and wait for your order to arrive. You may then have the outfit to match your locally-made KTM motorcycle.

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