Lexus showcases design philosophy at Milan Design Week


Lexus unveiled on Monday its exhibit at this year’s Milan Design Week. The display is dubbed “Lexus: Sparks of Tomorrow,” and is a showcase of the brand’s design philosophy, and exemplifies Lexus’ commitment to sustainability.


  • What is the title of Lexus' display at the 2022 Milan Design Week?

    The title of Lexus' display is "Sparks of Tomorrow."
  • What artworks are being featured in Lexus' Milan Design Week exhibit?

    Featured at the Milan Design Week are Germane Barnes' take on the Lexus RZ as well as designs from the six finalists in the Lexus Design Award 2022 and from students of the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London.
  • “We are excited to return to Milan Design Week with an incredible array of projects that highlight next-generation design and our commitment at Lexus to forging a path towards a carbon-neutral future through technology, craftsmanship and innovation. We are especially thrilled to be able to present the work of the Lexus Design Award 2022 finalists and Royal College of Arts students in the context of Germane Barnes’s ON/ installation, in its second iteration here with lighting design studio Aqua Creations. As Milan Design Week opens, we look forward to seeing how the public engages with the Lexus presentation and makes our vision for the future their own,” said Lexus Global Head of Marketing Brian Bolain.


    The company’s exhibit at the 2022 Milan Design Week offers three design explorations that are inspired by Lexus’ human-centered, future-oriented approach to design. The first of which is the immersive ON/ installation by award-winning architect and designer Germane Barnes with lighting studio Aqua Creations.

    The abovementioned display showcases the Lexus RZ, the first Lexus dedicated battery-electric model, rendered in a wire frame that is suspended just above the ground. According to Lexus, the vehicle’s interpretation embodies Lexus’ vision of a more sustainable future coming into focus and embracing the ideas of electrification, technology, and bespoke design.

    Illuminating Barnes’ take on the Lexus RX Aqua Creations’ Code 130-degree silk collection of colorful pendant lights, which adds a material quality to the immersive installation reflecting Lexus’ vision for a carbon-neutral future becoming a reality. The installation is accompanied by a lounge area featuring the new ToTeM lighting collection by Aqua Creations.

    “It is thrilling to revisit the ON/ installation with Lexus and bring the display to Milan. The original ON/ exhibit featured the LF-Z, a concept car that signaled a move toward carbon neutrality. Now, with the RZ, we explored the evolution from concept to reality, partnering with Aqua Creations to create an environment that is infused with a heightened sense of materiality. Designing for a future that is collaborative, sustainable, equitable, and prioritizes the unique experiences of individuals is both a driving force of my practice and an exciting synergy with the designers showcased across Sparks of Tomorrow,” said Studio Barnes Principal Germane Barnes.


    The two other displays on the Lexus: Sparks of Tomorrow exhibit are designs by the six finalists in the Lexus Design Award 2022 and designs by students at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London.

    The 2022 Milan Design Week runs from June 6 to 12 at the Superstudio Più (Art Point), Via Tortona, Milan.

    Photos from Lexus

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