Lotus reveals blueprint for next-gen EV line


Sports car manufacturer Lotus has unveiled the blueprint that it will be using for its upcoming electric vehicle (EV) that is scheduled to be introduced by 2026.

Following its claim that it will be launching a new line of performance cars, the British performance car brand said that the newest structure — developed through Project LEVA (Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture) — will be integrated into its new architecture for electric sports cars.

The design unveiling succeeds the production of the Lotus Evija, the marque’s limited-edition vehicle.

To serve as the outline for the next-generation models that will not be powered by internal combustion engines, the design will have a rear structure that is 37-percent lighter than the Emira V6.


Lotus' new EV blueprint revealed for Project LEVA

These designs, Lotus claimed, will be fully adaptable to provide a platform for a range of EVs with variable layouts, wheelbase lengths, battery sizes and configurations.

A total of three layouts were revealed — all sharing a common die-cast rear sub-frame with multiple interchangeable components — that have an architectural design that can accommodate up to two different types of battery configurations.



Two-seater Minimum of 2,470mm eight-module/chest 66.4kWh Single/350kW
Two-seater More than 2,650mm 12-module/chest 99.6kWh Twin/650kW
2+2 More than 2,650mm eight-module/slab 66.4kWh Single/350 kW or Twin/650kW

Lotus explained that the “chest” layout is ideal for sports car and hypercar designs as the power pack is mounted in the middle (with modules stacked behind the two seats. On the other hand, the “slab” design is fitted horizontally under the cabin (suitable for vehicles with a higher ride height and a taller overall profile like sport utility vehicles).

The new subframe has cylindrical battery cells with the option of a single or twin electronic drive unit (EDU) to support.

Lotus' new EV blueprint revealed under Project LEVA

Lotus Cars Executive Director for Engineering Richard Moore was quoted as saying: “Project LEVA and the electric sports car architecture are perfect illustrations of the innovation which continues to be at the heart of everything Lotus does. Today’s EVs are heavy in comparison to their ICE equivalents, so the ARMD funding has helped Lotus to innovate earlier in the product cycle and develop a new vehicle architecture that targets lightweight and performance density from conception.

“Rather than developing a single vehicle, it means Lotus now has the ‘blueprint’ for the next generation of electric sports cars, for future Lotus products and for the Lotus Engineering consultancy to commercialize.”

Photos from Lotus

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