Mercedes-Benz G-Class appears inside a red pill ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ premiere


Neo is back. And while he still knows kung-fu, he is once again faced with the choice of taking either the blue or the red pill. The former allows him to remain in the everyday life of the simulated world of the Matrix while the latter allows him to escape the alien-determined life into the unknown real world and once again fights against the rule of the machines.


  • What G-Class model was used in the film?

    In the film, rebels drive a US-spec a G 550 to help Neo and Trinity escape the Matrix.
  • What G-Class model was placed in the installation?

    Mercedes placed a Mercedes-AMG G 63 in selenite gray inside the red pill installation.
  • During the film’s US premiere at the Castro Theater in San Francisco last December 18, a Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV appeared outside of the building, inside a red pill.


    “The G-Class and the red pill go very well together. Both stand for freedom, individuality, and self-determination. That's why we are delighted to support Warner Bros. Pictures with the worldwide cinema release of The Matrix Resurrections with an extraordinary and attention-grabbing installation, said Mercedes-Benz G GmbH CEO Managing Director and Mercedes-Benz AG Off-Road Vehicle Product Division Head Emmerich Schiller.

    Schiller added, “Sponsorship is a central component of our branded entertainment activities. Mercedes-Benz has a long tradition as a sought-after partner in the film industry, both nationally and internationally. We have had a close partnership with Warner Bros. for around 20 years because the medium of film allows brand and product communication to be implemented in a highly emotional way and also immortalized to a certain extent.”

    The installation measure roughly 39 feet long, 13 feet wide, and 11 feet tall. Housed is a powerful Mercedes-AMG G 63 in Selenite Gray. In the film, however, was US-spec a G 550 used by rebels who helped pave the way for Neo and Trinity as they make their way out of the Matrix.


    The Matrix Resurrections will hit Philippine cinemas on January 12, 2022.

    Photos from Daimler

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