Mercedes-Maybach looks back at historical milestones ahead of ‘Edition 100’ launch


Mercedes-Maybach, the luxury sub-brand of an already luxurious automotive marque, has unveiled the limited, anniversary series “Edition 100” commemorating its 100th anniversary. The opulent sedan, says Mercedes-Maybach, will be made available in the US in the first half of next year.

Ahead of its 2022 launch, Mercedes-Maybach looks back at some of its historic milestones as it celebrates 100 years of automotive excellence.

Maybach, as it was first called, started mass-producing luxury cars in 1921 until the advent of the World War II. The brand was acquired by Daimler in 1960, was re-launched as a stand-alone luxury car brand in the early 2000s, and folded back into the Mercedes marque as a sub-brand in 2015.

Here, it enjoyed massive commercial success where it sold high-end sedans and SUVs to core markets like China, Russia, South Korea, the USA, and Germany. Each of the models sold in the aforementioned markets follows the Maybach maxim of creating the “best of the best.”

“It's about the passionate combination of every detail, no matter how small, that makes a luxury car a Maybach — all in combination with state-of-the-art technology from Mercedes-Benz. Every Mercedes-Maybach stands for sophisticated luxury in all its facets — for our customers who are looking for something very special,” said Mercedes-Benz AG Head of Top End Vehicle Group and Mercedes-AMG GmbH CEO Philipp Schiemer.

Schiemer also adds that the company sees itself as a “creator brand,” promoting creativity and making aesthetics in harmony with technology an individual experience. After all, the genesis of Maybach luxury is based on constant innovation.

“Every vehicle has always been configured and manufactured with veritable artistic ambition. Customers and producers have always been creative together — we want to preserve this spirit and further strengthen it in the future,” explained Schiemer.

That “best of the best” attitude and the passion for innovative luxury, of course, is carried over to Mercedes-Maybach’s newest offerings, especially with the upcoming Edition 100 sedan. The limited-edition luxury car will only be produced in 100 units and will have the very best Mercedes-Maybach has to offer.

Based on the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, the Edition 100 will feature more refined characteristics. At the front is an impressive radiator grille that bears the brand emblem, Mercedes-Maybach branding along with “Edition 100” inscriptions on the C-pillars, as well as “Edition 100” lettering on its swanky hub caps.


According to Mercedes-Maybach, the Edition 100 sedan will be hand-painted featuring a two-tone Cirrus Silver/Nautical Blue while the 20-inch wheels will sport a new grey finish.

Inside, the Edition 100 will boast a special leather interior in Manufactur Crystal White/Silver Grey Pearl. The first-class rear compartment will also have noise insulation and features Burmester 4D surround sound system, heat and massage functions for the seats, and high-tech screens for infotainment.


To remind passengers that they are riding on a special limited-edition Mercedes-Maybach S-Class sedan, inscriptions of “Edition 100” adorns various stowage compartments and the illuminated panels in the interior.


Befitting the 100th-anniversary model is a special champagne flute from the silver manufacturer Robbe & Berking. It features the raised Maybach logo on the base and the fine engraving of the Maybach “100 Years” logo.

“The large and small masterpieces of both companies are among the best of their kind in the world. In both manufactories, unique works of timeless elegance are produced from selected materials in perfection that arouses emotions among collectors and customers all over the world,” says Robbe & Berking Silbermanufaktur seit 1874 GmbH & Co KG Managing Director, Oliver Berking.

The Edition 100 will also come with a car cover with the iconic double M and a fine handmade leather case made of soft crystal white or black leather.

In addition, the Maybach the Peak collection presents a limited-edition fountain pen with an 18-carat gold nib and serial numbering in a stylish wooden gift box. The clip of the pen is set with 100 diamonds (in a choice of either black or white), the cap tip is made of mother-of-pearl, and the body is lacquered in the blue metallic shade of the "Edition 100" vehicles.

Photos from Mercedes-Benz

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