Mercedes-Maybach S-Class pricing (and options) released


Mercedes-Benz’s S-Class trotted out its recent Maybach treatment, and now, the company has finally released its grand luxury saloon’s official pricing — optional features included.

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class will come in two variants: one powered with a V8 engine and another with a V12 mill. The former has a price tag of €164,565 while the latter has a sticker price of 217,323.


To put things into perspective, the Mercedes-Benz’s S-Class costs 126,366 euros. That’s around P7.3 million in our money.

That said, a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class V8 could set you back around P9.6 million, and the more powerful Mercedes-Maybach S-Class V12 is probably going to cost you around P12.7 million.


Mercedes-Maybach also offers a host of optional features to help owners personalize their rides, albeit at a price. Check them out below:

  • Two-tone paint finish: 14,875 or P6,712,650.03.
  • Electric power doors: 1,606.50 or P93,874.84.
  • Rear-axle steering: 1,547 or P90,397.99.
  • “Digital Light” headlamp technology: 2249.10 or P131,424.78.
  • Adaptive rear illumination: 345.10 or P20,165.71.
  • MBUX Interior Assist (in the rear): 523.60 or P30,596.24.
  • MBUX high-end rear seat entertainment system: 2,558.10 euros or P149,481.
  • Silver-plated champagne goblets: 3,808 euros or P222,518.14.

German automotive corporation, Daimler AG confirmed the pricing in a press release, although they stated that the figures were the recommended retail price for Germany. So, take these figures with a grain of salt.

Photos from Daimler AG

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