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Toyota Vios Pros & Cons

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Things We Like in Toyota Vios

Drives well: The Vios offers a gentle and mature drive. Throttle and brake responses are good. The nicely balanced steering wheel aids in handling

Nice ride quality: A soft suspension makes the ride comfortable. As a city car, the Toyota Vios handles bumps and potholes well with the minimum in-cabin impact

Great safety features: The Vios comes with seven airbags, antilock braking, and traction and stability control. These make The Vios one of the safest cars in its class

Multiple variants: The Vios has as many as nine variants. So Toyota has a Vios that meets the requirement of every sedan buyer

Things We Don't Like in Toyota Vios

Annoying blind-spot: The blind-spot monitor detects everything and every time it emits a shrill beep. This upsets the mood of the otherwise quiet cabin

Lack of usable space: While the cabin has eight cupholders, there’s no real space to keep smaller items like parking cards and keys.   

Tight for tall passengers: Taller passengers on the rear seat may find their head hitting the sloping roofline.  The knee space for them is also not much

Engine lacks punch: The powertrain’s response is a bit delayed. While it’s not lethargic, acceleration does take time.

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